Sweet Dreams Review (2024)

sweet dreams review Moviehooker - Mervyn Murphy

Sweet Dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree? I’ve travelled the world and the seven seasEverybody’s looking for something Like the Marilyn Manson cover of the Eurythmics original, Sweet Dreams is a quizzical yet light-hearted look at an old favourite: power dynamics and racial strata within hierarchies in colonial times (this time … Read more

Frogman Review: Fun, Slimey Lovecraftian Found Footage

Frogman Review Moviehooker

Frogman does not take itself seriously: with a name like that would you expect it to? Dallas the main character epitomises this. He has captured video of Frogman while on family holiday as a child becoming famous as a result (pre-social media days). He has been living off of that feat since. That and the generosity … Read more

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