Frogman Review: Fun, Slimey Lovecraftian Found Footage

Frogman Review Moviehooker

Frogman does not take itself seriously: with a name like that would you expect it to? Dallas the main character epitomises this. He has┬ácaptured video of Frogman while on family holiday as a child becoming famous as a result (pre-social media days). He has been living off of that feat since. That and the generosity … Read more

News: Press Release For New Lovecraftian Found Footage Film Frogman

Frogman Review Moviehooker

Who doesn’t love a Lovecraftian found footage about the legend of the Frogman? If it’s a slimy land-walking amphibian, reptile or tentacled being then you know what that means? that’s correct ladies and gentlemen, it’s H.P Lovecraft aka Lovecraftian and this one sounds as Lovecraft as they come. Check Out The Official Press Release Below … Read more

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