10 New South Korean Thrillers You Should Know About

I thought it was time to round-up all the new South Korean thrillers that will be hitting our screens soon.

My last South Korean revenge post is already on its way to 25,000 views, so it’s time get another list rocking!


camping2This new suspense thriller follows two friends who decide to go on a camping trip in the woods (usually a bad idea in moves, right?).

Their night of bonding is ruined when they stumble on an illegal grow operation. The drug-grow is run by one man, who now wants them dead.

To make things worse there is also another group of maniacs that want all of them dead, the grower and the girls.

The two friends end up in a bloody fight for survival that will change their lives forever.

Sounds like a million movies out there. But the fact that this is from South Korea has to mean that it won’t follow the same formulaic patterns as western survival horror films… well, I hope so anyways.

The Queen of Crime


The_Queen_of_Crime-p01Ok, this one is described as a thriller/comedy. The film is about a mother who wants to investigate how her son’s water-bill is so high. He lives in single room, there is no way it could be so expensive. Someone, somewhere, is taking advantage, and mother has had enough.

When investigating the bill she stumbles across another crime which forces her to investigate further.

Sounds like a ridiculous premise for a movie, so ridiculous it’s got to be destined for greatness. Sound like this flick could go in any direction.

I am looking forward to seeing what sort of dark secrets are revealed while she is looking for the scum who overcharged her son on his water bill.



The Boys Who Cried Wolf

criedwolfA film about an actor who also does a bit of dodgy work on the side. He pretends to be someone else for any paying clients who may need some dodgy work done.

His confidence as an actor gives him the strength to portray almost anyone.

Things start to spiral out of control when he accepts a payment from a lady. This woman wants him to go to the police station and make a false testimony about a murder.

As soon as he makes the testimony he realises that he has made a huge mistake and starts to see the truth behind the murder he was told to cover up.

The Tunnel

South Korean Movie The TunnelNew South Korean drama, The Tunnel is based on a book of the same name that was first published in 2013.

On his way home from work a guy becomes trapped in a tunnel after an explosion. The Tunnel was poorly constructed is caved-in on both sides, and air is running out fast.

Again, sounds like it’s been done before, but I am pretty sure we’re gonna get a solid South Korean drama here. One with hopefully some thriller elements thrown in for our twisted pleasure.

This is the new film from director, Seong-hoon Kim. His previous movie was South Korean action movie A Hard Day. The film stars Jung-woo Ha from, The Chaser and The Yellow Sea….SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


South KoreanKim Jee-Woon is the man responsible for two of the greatest South Korean movies out there, I saw The Devil, and, A Bittersweet Life. He also made his English language début with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action movie, The Last Stand.

From what I can gather, Coward will also be an English language feature (still goes on this list though)

Wasn’t a huge fan of his first English language movie. Hopefully this movie will be more like his South Korean and less like his Hollywood stuff. In saying that , it is still really good to see him make waves in Hollywood. He a better filmmaker than tons of Hollywood directors. Let’s just hope his move.



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