10 New South Korean Thrillers You Should Know About

The Truth Beneath

the truth beaneathNew South Korean thriller/mystery about a politician who gets comes under fire just before elections are due to take place. His daughter has gone missing and his wife sets out to find her daughter while at the same time unearthing secrets that shouldn’t have come to light.

The film is said to have a strong female lead that would remind you of the lead in Park Chan Wook’s, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. Any reference to any of the vengeance trilogy should be enough for you to want to watch this.

Sounds like a gripping political thriller. Everything that I have read has been really positive

Missing You

missing you 1A new South Korean revenge movie that focuses on a daughter who lost her father at the hands of a serial killer.

The killer was caught and sentenced for the crime he committed and got 15 years in prison. The daughter waits patiently for his release, she wants her revenge for her father’s death.

Her father’s ex-partner is also still suspicious of the killer. He believes that he is going to kill again, it’s only a matter of time. He decided to follow the killer knowing that he is is going to strike again, it’s just a question of when.

I will be adding, Missing You to another South Korean revenge movie post that I will get happening in the near future.


South Korean thriller MusandanAt first glance I thought this was a South Korean war movie. Although this is about a platoon of soldiers, it doesn’t seem to be primarily about a war.

The story follows a platoon of soldiers who are given 24-hours to gather information. The have to find out why some of their soldiers have disappeared without a trace, and why some are found brutally murdered.

Musudan is shot on a low-budget, but I don’t think that should be enough to put you off watching it. The storyline sounds interesting so I think this could be one to watch out for, if we can put budgetary issues aside.

If you look at the some of posters you will see a biohazard sign (not in this one though).

That looks to me like this movie could be more of a horror movie than a thriller. I can’t wait to find out.


The Age of Shadows

South Korean movie Age Of ShadowsAnother film from the great Kim Jee-woon (I Saw The Devil, A Bittersweet Life, The last Stand). This time he tackles the war genre, and as you can probably imagine, it looks absolutely superb.

Again, like all Kim Jee-woon films, The Age Of Shadows has a cast that can only mean that this film will be one you will be hearing a lot about in the near future.

Set in the 1930’s,  The Age Of Shadows focuses on resistance fighters that are trying to bring in explosives from Shanghai to South Korea. Their aim is destroy certain areas in the South Korean capital of Seoul.

The Age Of Shadows marks the first time in history that Warner Brothers has financed a South Korean production.


South Korean Thriller ASURAThis new South Korean action/thriller follows a hardcore, dedicated detective. He thinks he fears nothing until he finds out that his wife has cancer, and this cripples him beyond imagination.

His reputation for upholding the law gets flipped upside down when he decides to make up his own form of law-enforcement. He gets caught up between infernal affairs, and the city’s corrupt Mayor.

Asura stars Woo-sung Jung whose earlier work includes The Warrior, The Good The Bad And The Weird

Asura is From director Sung-su Kim, the director of Flu, and, The Warrior. 

I think out of all the movies on this list – this is one I am most looking forward to.



I hope I have hooked you up with some awesome new titles to looks forward to. Again , as always, THANKS so much for reading.


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