Great European Crime Shows On Netflix

We are back with another list. This time we are focusing on the best European crime shows that are on Netflix.

Netflix has so many great European crime shows and that is such a great thing to see. It’s sad though that there’s so many people with the mindset “another subtitled series, yawn”. When in fact, a lot of American shows they’ve been in love with are complete regurgitations of European series’. So, I decided to put together a new list of a vast range of binge-worthy crime material from every corner of Europe! This list is a big list and I never even got to put everything that I wanted on it but my eyes are about to start bleeding from staring at the screen. Get ready for a part two but let’s get you all hooked up with these gems first!

UNIT 42 (Belgian)

European Crime Shows On Netflix

Unit 42 is set in Brussels. It follows a detective who’s is struggling to try to raise his children after the death of his wife. He teams up with a well-known and super-smart hacker to solve different crimes.

This is quite bleak. Although the gore is minimal there is still a lot of sexual violence. Again, not that graphic but it doesn’t have to be, it is still very disturbing.

What is even more disturbing is our glance into cybercrime. There was one episode when the hacker said to the detective “we are extremely unprotected but we just don’t care”. She then goes on her laptop and within seconds, they are watching his family at home through the webcam on their computer.

This has a bit of everything; serial killers, corruption, terrorism.


The Valhalla Murders is an Icelandic serial killer series. A profiler must return to his hometown to investigate the country’s first-ever serial killer case.|

I love Icelandic content. It ain’t very often we get a series from that corner of the Globe. But when we do, the cinematography and colours are always beautiful. The scenery is so damn beautiful but just as intimidating as you glare into miles and miles of harsh unforgiving landscapes.


European Crime Shows On Netflix

Bordertown is a Finnish series that also has some of the best cinematography you could hope for. The characters are brilliantly written and the performances are just as good.

Bordertown follows a detective who is super smart (like the Finnish Sherlock Holmes) and uses his unique crime-solving methods to bring murders and criminals to justice.

DEADWIND (Finland/Germany)

European Crime Shows On Netflix

A cop’s life is thrown is chaos when the body of a young girl is found murdered on a construction site. She must try and solve the case with her new rookie partner while also trying to hold her family together after the recent death of her husband,

BLACK SPOT (France/Belgium)

European Crime Shows On Netflix

A police chief and a prosecutor investigate a series of brutal murders committed in a forest that holds dark and mysterious powers

THE BREAK (Belgium)

European Crime Shows On Netflix

I have to say that the The Break features one of the strongest male leads that I have seen in any series. A cop moves to a small town is put in charge of a case where a young footballer was attacked and murdered.

The series is set in a small Belgian town with what you would expect – a town full of secrets.

The Break has been described as Broadchurch meets Twin Peaks. An astonishing whodunit series that will keep you guessing right up until the final credits.


European Crime Shows On Netflix

A female serial killer known as The Mantis is allowed out of prison to assist her police officer son when a copycat murderer has begun killing people using the exact same methods she used when she was an active serial killer.

This was a superb crime series. I was a little shocked when I read it had a 15 certificate. It is filled with graphic gore and inventive kills. Highly recommend this for anyone that likes the serial killer sub-genre.


The Chalet is superb French crime series. It focuses on a group of childhood friends that get together for a reunion. Soon after they arrive, they get trapped in the small village and dark secrets from their past start to surface and the body-count starts to rise.

THE WOODS (Poland)

European Crime Shows On Netflix

It ain’t very often I get to post about Polish content. The Woods is a murder mystery serial killer drama about a detective who goes back to his hometown of Warsaw to investigate a murder that has a striking resemblance to his his sister’s death that happened over 20-years ago.

THE MIRE (Poland)

European Crime Shows On Netflix

We are staying with Poland here for The Mire. Released in 2018 the series focuses on two journalists that become suspicious of the police after the poor handling of a case in the death of a young boy and prostitute.

This is quite the depressing series and I am sure that’s what they were going for. It might not be for everyone but I really enjoyed it. A fine entry into the European crime series sub-genre.


European Crime Shows On Netflix

While investigating the dissappeareane of a teenage girl in a small town, a cop finds evidence that links the case to her missing sister who disappeared 25-years ago.


Based on the movie Suburra by Gomorrah (series) director Stefano Somila. Suburra: Blood On Rome takes us away from the high-rise crime of Naples to the streets of Rome where different crime families battle for control of the city.

I know a lot of people who didn’t really enjoy the Suburra series. Make your own mind up. Yeah, it ain’t as good as Gomorrah…but not a lot is. It is still one hell of a European crime series.

UNDERCOVER (Denmark/Belgium)

A series collaboration between Belgium and Denmark. Two cops must go undercover at a caravan site where an ecstasy drug lord spends his weekends with his wife. Things quickly get complicated as their relationship strengthens.

This is one of the best crime shows Netflix has to offer. It is so good!. And for those of you that ain’t checked it out yet, you can binge the series on Netflix and then watch the newly released film (also on Netflix)


European Crime Shows On Netflix

A gritty and often violent series from Germany. Two detectives, both corrupt in their own ways must join forces and take on the Berlin underworld.

Just like the fantastic series 4 Blocks, Dogs of Berlin does not shy away from showing us the harsh reality of crime in Germany. We have run-ins with crazy bikers, Neo-Nazis, you name it, they have it.

Well, that is it for this list of European Crime Series’. As I said at the beginning, there’s a lot more that could be in here but I think this article is big enough already. Check back soon for part two. As always, thanks for reading.

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