New Sci-Fi & Horror Films Part 2

As promised, I am back with part two of my new horror and sci-fi film list. As always, we have quite a bit of variety in here and loads to be looking forward to. Let’s get to it.

In the list below you’ll find some cannibalism, a depiction of Hell, cosmic horror, Purge-like violence, Saw-like games and some supernatural action.


It’s with great pleasure that I can Hook You Up with yet another new cannibal movie – DO NOT DISTURB -. Do Not Disturb sounds like one Hell of a trip!

It follows a married couple who decide that taking peyote is a good way for them to reconnect to their failing marriage. Things take a dark turn when the drug they have taken turns them into flesh-eating cannibals.

Yup. Shut up and take my money!


The Gravity is. a new French cosmic sci-fi with added horror elements. A Parisian suburb is thrown into absolute chaos when there is an apocalyptic shift in the Earth’s gravity.

That small synopsis alone is enough to sell this movie to me. Sounds like a very interesting unique concept.


I am not sure if New Normal is an anthology or just a film with different characters all with different dilemmas connecting at some point. With each character we meet, there is a shift in cinematic tone and genre; ranging from drama to black comedy and horror

Chaos, unlike anything the world has ever seen hits Seoul, South Korea. We deal with different characters as they battle to stay alive in this new brutal lawless world.


I nearly Black Noise a miss because the poster really gave off an action film vibe. However, it is in the sci-fi/horror genre and it sounds pretty damn good too.

A group of special bad-ass elite soldiers are sent to an unknown island to rescue a kidnapped VIP. Their rescue mission turns into a battle for survival as they must try and escape the island and a haunting evil presence.


Two strangers must find their way out of a murderous maze full of deadly traps after entering and becoming contestants in a mysterious game show that helps you find your soulmate.

This one definitely sounds interesting and looks like it could be a nice mix of Squid Game and Saw.


A man realises that he has been killed in a car crash and now must start his final journey down below. The film will deal with all of the lost and torn souls he meets on the way to Hell.

Another great concept for a film. Sort of reminds me a little bit of the great Robin Williams drama, What Dreams May Come.

That’s it for this list. As always, thanks for reading.


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