A List Of Upcoming Zombies Movies Coming Our Way in 2019/20

There is no slowing down the undead. I have put together a new list of upcoming zombie movies that will be releasing this year or the next. The USA is well in the lead with upcoming zombie productions. However, we do have ones from South Korea and Norway. I hope you enjoy the list.


The highly anticipated follow up to South Korea’s worldwide zombie smash hit Train To Busan.

The story picks up right after the events of the first film. The infection has now started to spread through all of the South Korean Peninsula. The usual zombie antics are sure to take place, only this time, on a much, much bigger scale.

Director/writer Yeon Sang-ho has been conformed to return as director for the sequel.

If you haven’t checked out Yeon Sang-ho’s previous animated movies then you should. The King Of Pigs and The Fake paved a path for Sang-ho into feature-films. Train To Busan was his feature live-action feature.


New Zombie Movies Army Of The Dead

Zack Snyder gave us one of the finest zombie remakes ever put on screen. It really made people shut their mouths when the words “fast zombies” came into the conversation.

Now Synder is going back to his routes with Army Of The Dead and Netflix have given him total creative control to bring us the craziest zombie horror movie ever!. The film will act as a sort of sequel to 2004’s Dawn Of The Dead and will focus on a group of survivors trying to pull off a huge heist in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.


New Zombie Movies The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don’t Die is a new Zomedy written and directed by Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Only Lovers Left Alive, Patterson). They really ain’t lying when they say they have got the best cast to be ever featured together in a zombie movie. Bill Murray, Iggy Pop, Adam Driver, Steve Buscemi, Chloë Sevigny, Tilda Swinton, Danny Glover, Tom Waits…and many more star in what looks like a generic but lots of fun zombie comedy.

Nothing much new in regards to the plot but it does look a little more old school than recent zombie productions. By that, I mean we have the dead rising from their graves to feast on the living just like in Night Of The Living Dead or Return Of The Living Dead.

The dead come back to life and it’s up to a small idiotic police force and some survivors of a small American town to fend off hordes of the undead.


Things seem to be moving nicely with the production of Zombieland 2: Double Tap. The full cast will return; Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrellson, Emma Stone & Abigal Breslin will all reprise their roles. Others confirmed are Tom Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, Luke Wilson, Zoey Deutch, & Avan Jogia.

The sequel is set for a late 2019 release. We have already seen some posters so I am sure a teaser trailer is sure to follow. The film takes place 10-years after the first movie and sees the main characters travel across the infested American wasteland fighting off hordes of the undead and newly evolved super- zombies.

The first one was a lot of fun and I think we have waited long enough for a sequel. It’s not like these guys just released a sequel off the back of the success of the first movie. They have had ten years to explore this world and hopefully give the fans the movie they deserve. Fingers crossed.


New Zombie Movies Dead Snow 3

Dead Snow 3 is happening, when, I am not sure. Horror website, Bloody Disgusting published an article after writer/director Tommy Wirkola said in an interview with EW when promoting the Netflix film What Happened To Monday. 

No plot details have been released but it said that the third instalment will be the final film in the series. Some of the film is said to be taking place in South America where a lot of the Nazi’s fled after WW2.

Wirkola also feels the relevance and believes it’s time to give his fans a zombie Hitler.

The first film was set in Norway and released in 2009. A follow-up sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red Or Dead with a bigger budget and more of Western feel was released in 2014. Sometimes less is more.


New zombie Movies Little Monsters

At first glance, this reminded me of the Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson zomedy, Cooties. I am not saying that was a good thing as Cooties was a big let down for me. In saying that, I still thought the concept was great. I am hoping that Little Monsters will give me a much more infectious bite than Cooties.

Recently playing at Sundance Film Festival with solid reviews. Little Monsters stars Lupita Nyong’ O. A teacher and an out of work musician must protect a group of school children after a zombie outbreak.

This was snapped up by Neon Pictures after the premiere at Sundance Film Festival


New Zombie Movies The Forest Of Hands and Teeth

Based on a novel by Carrie Ryan, The Forest Of Hands And Teeth takes place after the zombie apocalypse. A group of survivors have built themselves a walled village to keep the undead at bay. The walled village is run by different sects or gangs called The Sisterhood, The Guardians and The Unconsecrated.

The film follows a girl as she tries to make it outside of the walled village and get to the ocean where she believes she will find a new life and safety from the undead.

The book was really well received and is the first part of a trilogy. So, I will take a wild guess and say we can expect to see at least another two movies, with the last one probably getting split into two movies, just to bleed us dry that little bit more.

I don’t know how dark this one is going to be though. The book was aimed at young adults, so we may be getting some sort of Twilight saga. The film will star Game Of Thrones actress Maisie Willams.


I have been really looking forward to this. Even more so now with the passing of the Zomfather, Mr George A. Romero. I am hoping this is the same film, there could have been a name change as I thought it was initially to be called Origins. It is indeed a prequel to the 1968 classic Night Of The Living Dead. 

Rise Of The Living Dead is written by Cameron Romero, the son of George Romero. The film was already in production before Romero passed.

It will be great to see where this Night Of The Living Dead prequel takes us. I love that his son has now taken the reigns to continue his father’s undead legacy. I wish the dude all the luck in the world and I hope this is just the beginning of a new chapter in the Romero dead series.


New Zombie Movies Road Of The Dead

This is the last script that George A. Romero worked on before he passed away. Even though the premise sounds good, I have to admit I am a little bit worried. Romero’s last entry into his dead series (Survival Of The Dead)…well, it wasn’t very good, was it?.

Road Of The Dead is set after the zombie apocalypse has ravaged humanity. The rich and privileged pay large amounts of cash to get dropped off on on an island infested with the undead. On the Island, it’s a battle royale, the rich get to satisfy their dark murderous urges and the zombies get the chance of a free meal!.


First released in 2006 as graphic novels. Zombie Vs Robots sounds like a refreshing take on the undead sub-genre. Mike Flanagan (The Haunting Of Hill House, Hush) is the man responsible for this adaptation. I am not sure if he is producing or directing but one thing’s for sure, this is one to watch out for.

Zombies Vs Robots won’t be a direct remake. Flanagan’s version will focus on a robot protector who is trying to protect a young girl after humanity has fallen and the world is overrun by machines and the undead.

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you can think of any more upcoming zombie movies that I may have missed, then please do let me know.


This seems to be in development forever. I think there maybe a post about this somewhere on Moviehooker. It has a ridiculous title but what is cool about Twittering From The Circus Of Dead is that it’s based on a short story by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King).

The book is highly recommended on all sites. It follows a girl who is on a boring vacation with her family. She takes to Twitter to vent about the boredom of her holiday. When the family get lost on the road they end up at The Circus Of The Dead and things take a sinister turn. As well as trying to survive, she continues to Tweet everything that is happening to her and her family.


New Zombie Movies The Walking Dead

Yes, you read that right!. AMC are planning three feature-length movies based in the ever-growing Walking Dead universe. What’s even more strange is that Andrew Lincoln is the main character in the trilogy.

I gave up on The Walking Dead, and do you know something?!. It fucking killed me that I pulled the plug on it. I invested years into the program but man, it got so fucking terrible. It became excruciatingly painful to watch. What used to be a great zombie-drama about survival turned into a cringe-worthy soap opera like Sunset Beach.

So, yeah! expect to hear more upcoming zombie news on The Walking Dead feature films.

That’s it for this list. I really hope you enjoyed reading. As always, thanks for reading

Words By Gary Gamble 
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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