Newly Released & Upcoming Horror Movies

We are back with a new list of upcoming and newly released horror films all from different corners of the globe. We have some really interesting titles listed and hope to hook you up with some. Enjoy.


The new film from veteran Italian horror maestro, Dario Argento. From what I have read, the film has been met with mixed reviews but Argento has had that much influence in the horror genre, he deserves our time and effort, right?

Set in Italy, a serial killer is stalking the street strangling prostitutes with a cello string. A young blind woman teams up with a Chinese guide named Chin to track down the killer and put an end to his reign of terror.


Whenever you hear the name Álex de la Iglesia, you know you’re in for a fun time. The Witching & Bitching director is back with a new horror that focuses on a group of Spanish tourists in Venecia who end up fighting for survival against a group of crazed locals.

Yeah, the plot sounds like it has been done before but that doesn’t mean it won’t offer us up some genuine shock and laughs. I have enjoyed all of his films and I am certain I will love this one too.


Ok, Stephen King fans!. Remember The Langoliers, the King adaptation with some of the most hilarious special fx in cinematic history?. Well, The Timekeepers of Eternity is a remake of King’s story, The Langoliers. I mean, there’s only room for improvement, right?

This will be an acquired taste and looks to be a very arty and experimental film blending both animation and live-action. I will say this: we don’t have very many movies out there like this so for those of you into indie films in a big way, I would recommend that you check it out.


We have so many horror movies out there with weird, evil and sadistic Grannies. I mean, at this point, they should have their own killer granny sub-genre.

Again, even though I wouldn’t be that into killer granny movies, I have to say I will watch anything Paco Plaza releases. He is, after all, one-half the duo who gave us one of the best zombie/possession movies ever released: Rec.

The Grandmother seems to have a similar premise to IFC’S, Relic. A model must return to her hometown of Madrid to look after her grandmother because she has had a stroke. But spending time with her sick grandmother turns into an unexpected nightmare.


If you’re a fan of arthouse horror then Luzifer could be the film for you. From what I have read, this film is a human horror and deals with the power of religion; was God created by man? was the Devil then created to take all the blame for the atrocities that man commits?. This heavy subject of dark religious disbelief is supposedly accompanied by 2 stand-out performances from Susanne Jensen & Franz Rogowski who play a mother and son, with the son having severe learning difficulties.


Once Upon A Time In Africa. Saloum has an awesome premise and if executed right, we could have a seriously good horror to look forward to. I’m hoping I am right here but it looks like the main characters in Saloum carry around and use The reviews I have read have been mainly positive and all are stating that Saloum is a mash-up of multiple genres.

3 mercenaries who have to extract a druglord from Guinea Bissau get caught up in the mystical region of the country. I watched a small teaser and it was enough to sell me on the movie. I could be wrong but it looks like these mercenaries are carrying around some magic voodoo dust and blowing it in their enemies’ faces. We do NOT, I repeat Do Not get enough voodoo dust in movies (The Serpent and The Rainbow still stands as one of the best).


Ok, so this one might be more of a thriller rather than a horror movie but it goes on the list anyways. Why?: It is directed by The Ordeal (Calvaire) director Fabrice du Welz.

Inexorable sounds like a Hitchcockian-type thriller but also a premise I think we have seen many times before.

It focuses on a wealthy married couple who take a young woman into their home. Her presence in their large mansion brings destructive tension between the two and puts their marriage to the ultimate test.


This one is from Iran and deals with a sergeant who doesn’t believe that the recent increase in crime and murder has anything to do with Djinns possessing humans. His beliefs are ripped apart when an exorcist arrives in the town to battle the monsters he doesn’t believe exist.

Zalava sounds like it is going to be steeped in dark Iranian mythology and it’s always nice to see a Djinn movie from the actual country that it is based.


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