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We are back again with another new list of upcoming K Dramas all getting released this year…some REALLY soon!


Described as a “youth action romance” Ultimate Weapon Alice follows the lives of three high school students who are being hunted by a criminal organisation. One of the students is also a highly trained killer, so by the sounds of things, she killed the wrong person and now must take down a whole crime syndicate.

One thing about South Korean teen action movies is that we see some ridiculously skilled choreographed action fights. I have no doubt in my mind this is what we’ll get with Ultimate Weapon Alice…and what a cool name, right?

starring Kim Sung-oh, Kim Tae-hoon, Se-wan Park


Alchemy of Souls follows an elite warrior who is trapped inside an extremely weak body. She acts as a servant for a local villager who has been carrying a secret since birth. Although she is trapped inside a weak body, she can train someone to also become an elite warrior so she trains the villager. The fate of these people gets twisted because of “hwanhonsool” (the soul of the dead return to the living).

Starring Jae-Wook Lee, Jung So-Min, Min-Hyun Hwang


I don’t have a lot of information to go on for The Witch Is Alive. This new series hasn’t even aired yet in South Korea so it will be quite a while before we see it. I can tell you that it is a black comedy and focuses on three female friends from very different backgrounds decide one day that they want to start killing people.

That premise alone has me sold over a million times.


If anyone out there thinks that Money Heist Korea is a carbon copy of the Spanish one, well then think again. This is a follow-up to Money Heist. We now have a Money Heist universe and the Korean one is the next step in this new world.

A group of criminals from both North and South Korea team up with the criminal mastermind to pull off the biggest money heist in Korean history.

Featuring Lee Si-Woo, Yunjin Kim, Park Hae-soo


Insider follows a judicial apprentice who goes undercover to investigate some shady going-ons within his workplace. He then stumbles on another case but his investigation backfires and he wrongly ends up prison. Now he must learn to adapt to a new prison life while trying to keep his identity safe.

I can confirm that Insider will have whopper of a first season (like most K Dramas). It will have 16 episodes with every episode over an hour long.

Ok, that’s it for this list of K Dramas. I hope I have hooked you up with some fine South Korean K Drama future viewing

As always, thanks for reading.

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