Talk To Me Review: Hands Down – The Best Horror In Recent Years

The news was just announced that A24’s horror hit, Talk To Me will be arriving on Netflix on October 26th ( I will confirm what regions).

Bringing the dead back from the spirit world is something that has been tried and tested for many years. I would even say that the possession sub-genre is over-saturated with shit (Shatsurated?), a lot of the films just repeating the same plot over and over again. Why? because it sells, that’s why.

What brothers Danny Philippou & Michael Philippou have done is take a tiresome and regurgitated premise and throw a unique spin on the possession sub-genre.

It was so fucking simple, yet completely original and IMO it reinvents the sub-genre and breathes new life into it.

The story of a mysterious embalmed hand that has the power to bring spirits into our world. You’re only allowed to “go under” for a certain amount of time. If that rule is broken the spirits are trapped in our world. The possession aspect of Talk To Me is used like a teenage TikTok trend. The fact that this is the way these teens are getting a new high is 100% believable. This simple twist on things really brought horror into our current state of society.

Rather than rely on pathetic jump scares, Talk To Me is downright creepy. The sound design in this film has a huge part to play. There is quite a bit of violence too. It had flares of real brutality but as an unnerving horror, Talk To Me is one of the best in recent years.

In case you don’t know yet, there has already been a prequel shot.

I am not sure if this is going to be a short or feature film. All I know is that it is already made. The prequel is apparently shot completely with mobile phones and will tell the tragic story of what happened to Duckett. Duckett is the character from the start of the film. He has obviously been using the hand and has reached his breaking point. We see this at the start of the movie when he is inconsolable and in a bad mental state. He then shoves a huge blade through his head before falling dead to the ground.

As well as the prequel, A24 has announced that a sequel is already in the works. Yes, if you are wondering, the sequel has been confirmed as Talk 2 Me. I wouldn’t usually be into this form of grammar but the title perfectly suits the era we live in – especially for a film that deals with teens, the internet and the constant need to be recording content.

Stay tuned for more info on both the sequel and prequel to Talk To Me. As always, thanks for reading,


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