Press Release 2024: Booger Offers Up Some Grotesque Laughs in New Body Horror

News just in from the awesome Dark Sky Films. So, if you like your icky body horror sprinkled with some meowgical grotesque comedy featuring a kitty named Booger, you’ll want to read on! Check out the official press release below!

Not too long ago we posted on the Moviehooker socials about a new flick called Nightbitch. A film about a woman (Amy Adams) who slowly starts to turn into a dog. Now, with Booger, this looks like the same sort of story, only with the protagonist slowly turning into a kitty.

After Her Dead Friend’s Cat Runs Away, Anna Grows Desperate To Find Him, Ignoring The Fact That Her Life (and body) Are Totally Falling Apart.




In Theaters & On Digital VOD

September 13th

Dark Sky Films proudly announces the release of BOOGER to select theatres and digital/VOD on September 13th

BOOGER is the acclaimed debut feature from writer-director Mary Dauterman and featuring a praised performance by Strawberry Mansion‘s Grace Glowicki

BOOGER, the acclaimed debut feature from writer-director Mary Dauterman and featuring a praised performance by Strawberry Mansion‘s Grace Glowicki, is a one-of-a-kind film blending body horror with comedy in a story of intense female friendship and its tragic loss, all backgrounded by a tale of supernatural transformation.  

New Yorker Anna (Grace GlowickiStrawberry Mansion) has just suffered the sudden and unexpected death of her best friend and roommate, Izzy (Sofia DobrushinMean Girls 2024 ). She’s trying to handle this loss when Izzy’s cat, Booger, runs away. Anna goes on a desperate search to find him and in the process, she is bitten on the hand by the cat. She soon begins to take on feline characteristics. and her work life and relationship with her boyfriend start to go downhill. 

The film also stars Garrick Bernard (Single Drunk Female)Marcia DeBonis (Sometimes I Think About Dying, 13 Going on 30)David Rysdahl (Oppenheimer, Fargo) and indie icon Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Scream 3)

BOOGER is produced by Lexi Tannenholtz (Shudder’s Bad Things) and executive produced by Neon Heart Productions (Cora Bora), Ley Line Entertainment (Everything Everywhere All at Once), Sanctuary Content, One Two Twenty Entertainment (Joyland) and Lizzie Shapiro (Shiva Baby). 

Written and Directed by: Mary Dauterman
Produced by: Lexi Tannenholtz
Executive Produced by: Neon Heart Productions, Ley Line Entertainment, Sanctuary Content, One Two Twenty Entertainment, Lizzie Shapiro
Language: English
Genre: Body Horror, Comedy
Distributor: Dark Sky Films  
Run Time: 78 minutes
Cast: Grace Glowicki (Strawberry Mansion, Tito, Until Branches Bend), Garrick Bernard (Single Drunk Female), Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Scream), Marcia DeBonis (Sometimes I Think About Dying, 13 Going on 30), Sofia Dobrushin (WeCrashed)
“Booger showcases Dauterman’s budding senses as a filmmaker.” – ROGER EBERT ONLINE

If you don’t gag at least once watching Mary Dauterman’s feature debut Booger, then you’re probably doing it wrong.” – IN THE SEATS

Dauterman wisely uses genre elements to visualize and augment the often visceral impact of maintaining (and losing) close female friendships.” – BLOODY DISGUSTING

Dauterman’s feature debut is a must-watch for horror connoisseurs who prefer horror films that make them think” -COLLIDER

Equally as funny as it is horrific” – COMICBOOK.COM

Mary Dauterman’s sensational debut feature” – THE MOVEABLE FEAST 

What sets Booger apart are Dauterman’s unique perspective and Glowicki’s amazing performance as a woman teetering on the edge of sanity – and occasionally toppling over” – SCREEN ANARCHY 

Check out the trailer for BOOGER

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