Out Of Darkness Review: Survival Horror Shows The Birth Of Evil

Prehistoric Survival Horror Out Of Darkness arrives in theatres on February 9th 

Out of all of the years that I have been obsessed with watching movies. Do you know how many times I have watched a prehistoric survival horror? That would be zero. I have always been fascinated with the stone-age era in cinema. Sadly, though, as a horror lover, we never get the barbaric lawlessness of early man or the dinosaurs ripping people to shreds that we truly deserve. Why? We don’t get this because…children love dinosaurs. It’s that simple. There is way too much money to make from the likes of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Out Of Darkness offers us a beautiful unique spin on the survival horror sub-genre. The Scottish backdrop and cinematography are wonderful. I had to check the filming locations when I saw the very first shot of the movie. I thought it was Ireland for sure! and my neck of the woods, too. I wasn’t too far wrong. Both Irish and Scottish scenery are very similar. Stunning is only one word I would use to describe the look of this film. And as pretty and scenic as it looks, the vast beautiful emptiness still feels haunting, dangerous and unforgiving. 

I will say that this film will not be for everyone. We really are in the dark for a lot of the movie. The darkness is just as much of a character as the humans or the evil presence stalking them. Out Of The Darkness is a survival horror film that requires a great sound system, complete silence, and to be completely submerged in darkness. There is no other way.

The use of sound and lighting was superb. The soundtrack also deserves a notable mention. A very clever mix of ominous dark drones, both playing the same key a couple of octaves apart – I felt this helped drive the helplessness of the characters when they were surrounded. Also, I found it hard to distinguish what was the OST and the cry of the creature – turns out it was the OST and that was a lovely touch. The dialogue was brilliant and while the language does sound familiar the subtitles really give the film that stamp of authenticity.

If I had to be critical, I would say that the haircuts and facial hair of the men were a little bit too clean-cut for me. And, the lads can defo shave better than I can. Also, I do not doubt in my mind that their haircuts succeed my messy excuse of a mop! So, it seems, as well as prehistoric creatures, Turkish Barbers also roamed the land. 

Survival Horror Still 4 from OUT OF DARKNESS Courtesy Bleecker Street

What is Out Of Darkness About? 

A group of early humans in search of food, discover and explore a vast new landscape. When night falls, something evil lurks in the shadows waiting for the right moment to attack and devour them. The group must figure out what is trying to kill them before they can try and kill it. You could easily mistake Out Of Darkness for a prehistoric Predator movie and that is something I think should happen immediately.

The movie went in a direction I did not see coming and I was happy with the outcome. It’s a story as early as man: humans are the real monsters. It is a lot more hard-hitting than what I was expecting. Women are frightened that they fall pregnant, they will give birth to a girl. If they did, the girl would meet the same horrible fate as her mother: to be raped and impregnated. The thought of that is scary as the mother is basically saying she would rather have a son who rapes people than a daughter who is being raped all the time. Well, that’s what I took from it and it was a bleak thought process to write. Not all the men are monsters…but it only takes one. Sadly these issues are true and superbly highlighted to be something that atrocities have been happening since the dawn of time.


You can check out the new prehistoric survival horror in theatres on February 9th

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