THE FIRST OMEN: Witness The Birth Of A Damn Good Reboot

If you’re a horror fan then chances are The Omen could be one of your all-time favourites. 

So, when the news of a new Omen movie came out it had most of us all roll our eyes in disgust. Please leave our beloved classics alone, right? Did we not learn anything from Exorcist: Believer?

But sometimes, we hardcore fans do get it wrong, and sometimes a new instalment is exactly what is needed to bring the franchise into new terrifying territory. This is exactly what we get with The First Omen. Witness The Birth Of A Damn Good Reboot

Margaret is a young nun with a troubled past. She has made the move from the United States to Italy to begin her life with the big man, God. The nunnery where she is staying has some dark secrets and nasty things going on behind closed doors (surprise surprise). In particular, the mistreatment of a young teenage girl. Margaret sees herself in this teenager. Her past was full of nightmares and visions until she realised that all of it was just in her head and she was suffering from mental health problems…or was she? (of course not).

I am pretty sure you can guess where this is going to go from what I have just explained to you. It did play out like I thought it did but still held some shocking surprises that caught me off-guard. 

It also takes some classic scenes from The Omen and pays tribute to them while at the same time adding in their form of Devilish nastiness; we get the fallen pane of glass death, the “it’s all for you” hanging, only with extra added crispiness.

The one thing that didn’t quite fit with me was the OST. I’m sure it was completely intentional but I found the music during the movie a little bit too heavenly. In the OG Omen, I found the harmonies of both the male and female singers to be haunting. With just female singers, I found the music beautiful but beauty was the last thing I was looking for. I’ll tell you that in the showdown my devilish musical prayers are answered and we get the official Omen anthem, and to this dayit is every bit as effective as it was back in 1976 – Ave Satani by Jerry Goldsmith.

Although I sort of knew where The First Omen was going to go, I was unaware of how it was exactly going to get there.The conclusion left me wanting a continuation of the story. This was very much a build-up of the things to come and has set us up for an awesome sequel where we will finally get to witness the antichrist do what he does best; bring the darkness, the depravity and death to all.

We get a plentiful amount of gore and some full-frontal vaginal demon birth (yay). My jaw dropped open at that scene and then I was just overly impressed that the filmmakers gave us that graphic content. I think the only other time I have witnessed anything like that was in Takashi Miike‘s, Gozu in which we get to see a woman give birth to a fully grown man who came into the world kicking and screaming’ (ouch).

As well as the birth of the antichrist, we may also have another interesting angle that they can take the story. I’m here for it. I will pray for a sequel. Amen.

7/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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