Exhibit A: Forgotten Greats No.3

Part 3 of Moviehooker’s Forgotten Greats is the fantastic found footage crime drama Exhibit A. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 here

Okay, I will start off by saying that Exhibit A will certainly not be for everyone. The style of filming requires a deep understanding of how the found footage sub-genre exactly works: It ain’t pretty, it’s choppy, it’s shaky, inaudible and many would argue that so much of this film is filled with pointlessness. This snit true, although I did find myself wanting the pace to pick up in many scenes. 

The story of the King’s, a seemingly normal working-class family from Leeds. Judith, the daughter is agoraphobic and wants to document everything with a camera her father bought her to replace a broken one. The father, a caring and loving man and the master of terrible dad jokes and shitty magic tricks is the breadwinner of the King’s. Their son, Joe is a rowdy, yet normal teen and the mother seems to be fine with the role of a loving sandwich-making housewife. 

As Judith continues documenting their life, she starts to notice a dangerous decline in her father’s mental health. As the story grows, we start to learn that the King’s are in serious financial trouble and the father is unintentionally digging them deeper into the shit with every word that comes out of his mouth.

The final act is where things get nasty (obviously). The acting from all the four cast members is remarkable but to see Bradley Cole as the father was one of the finest performances you could ask for. No matter how bad things get, we still feel some pity or sympathy with him, but when he becomes the monster and commits these unspeakable acts, the acting is just off the charts. It is hard to look at but even harder to look away. 

Exhibit A hits hard because of the realism of the story. This ain’t a film about the supernatural or monsters. This, folks, is real horror. 

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