The Peripheral: Ready Player One, Black Mirror, Westworld, The Matrix & Gamer – all in one

The Peripheral recently hit Amazon Prime Video and you know something? it’s kind of great. One problem though – it’s weekly episodes.

Yup, if I had known it was weekly instalments, I would’ve waited and binged the whole thing in one sitting. It is highly addictive and feels like it’s just scratching the surface with so much more to come.

Starring Chloe Grace Mortez, Gary Carr & Jack Reynor (the DNA splice of Seth Rogen and Chris Pratt) The Peripheral is set in 2099 and follows Flynne and her brother, Burton. In the futuristic VR gaming world Burton, whose gamer handle is a big sort of thing. He is super popular in the gaming world. He also holds the highest score in the world for a certain online game – there was a slight issue with that though, Flynne stole his avatar so it was her that got the great score but used his gamer handle. Because of this record-breaking high score, Burton gets the chance to test out a new state-of-the-art VR gaming system.

I have told you all you need to know. The series is scary in the sense that it is most definitely a frightening look at what is to come in regard to Virtual Reality. It makes you feel that eerie uneasiness, the same way Black Mirror does. You know it’s fictional but you also know, it’s just around the corner and that is the terrifying thing about it. It would be hard to watch this and not make comparisons to Steven Spielberg’s, Ready Player One, it submerges you in an exciting alternate reality where anything is possible with jaw-dropping special fx, on par with RPO or any other visually stunning productions like Westworld. Basically, it looks fucking great with the highest visual spec you can ask for

I think Chole Grace Mortez is fantastic in this. I’m pretty sure for her to get ready for this role, she binged Ozark in its entirety 100 times. But not the whole series, she made a Ruth compilation and mastered her trailer trash talk. I mean this in a good way. I have found a couple of similarities to Ozark; Chloe’s accent and attitude are similar to Ruth’s and also the town villain, I think his name is Corbell Pickett? is very much like Peter Mullans’ character in Ozark. Again, I don’t mean this in any negative way.

As for Jack Reynor, well, I have been a fan of his since Free-Fire but I can’t get the thought that Seth Rogen and Chris Pratt mixed their DNAs and conducted an experiment while very fkn high. They grew Jack Reynor in a test tube and released him into the entertainment business for all of us to enjoy. True Story. I swear. Ok, do you still need some convincing?

The Eyes Of Pratt and the Smile of Rogen

Look closely and never unsee it again – The Rogen-Pratt

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