Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes Review

There are so many reasons why Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes is such a great viewing experience but only one reason why the film works so well

Most of everyone involved are part of a theatre company called Europe Kikaku. Actually, Europe Kikaku is quite a popular company and thousands of fans flock to see them perform in theatres each year. I believe this film would not work with anyone else and that’s another reason it is so truly unique.

So, with that in mind, you will be able to understand the approach they took. The filming style is inspired by their long takes in stage plays. The director knew what their strengths were and used those strengths in his vision. These guys were not experienced in film, but they took their stage talent and blended a theatrical style and morphed it into a wonderful live-action sci-fi comedy.

Such a simple premise executed beautifully, it’s ambitious and clever af and everyone looks like they’re having a wonderful time. Every so often we get an indie gem that we can call a gamechanger. Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes, is most certainly one of those films.


A coffee shop owner called Kato lives in a small apartment above his work. After one night at work, Kato is about to relax and start to play a bit of guitar. Unable to find his plectrum (I know that feeling) he starts searching around his room. All of a sudden he hears his own voice, he turns to find himself on his mac saying that this Kato is from the future – two minutes into the future.

That is all I will tell you about the plot. The best way to view this film is to go in with little to no knowledge. Be prepared to smile the whole way through.

Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes is an inspiration to up and coming filmmakers.

The acting, the directing, editing and the story really set this one apart from any recent indie sci-fi release in years. Shot in long continuous takes with mind-bending creativity oozing from every scene.

Just think of all the hugely budgeted sci-fi time travel movies we have out there. Then we get Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes. A film made on a shoestring budget but is just every bit as inventive and creative as any film in the genre. It proves you don’t need mind-boggling special fx or huge budgets. All you need is the right creative mind and the right team to bring it to life.

Believe the hype, this one is very special. I can not wait to see what comes next.

Director, Junta Yamaguchi joined Europe Kikaku in 2005. Throughout the years, he has directed some commercials and shorts. Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is Junta Yamaguchi’s feature-length directorial debut. As well as directing, he is also the editor and cinematographer.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes was produced by Kazuchika Yoshida and Takahiro Otsuki, with Junta Yamaguchi directing from a script by Makoto Ueda. 

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes: 70 minutes / Japan / Color


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