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In this list, we will be focusing on some upcoming horror movies coming in 2022. Reviews have started to emerge and it looks like we’re getting some great horror flicks in the near future.

We have 5 new horror (2022) movies featured below. All of these played at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in their Midnight section. This is our 2nd list of the year. You can check out our first Netflix List HERE. Let’s get to it.


I will start off with Speak No Evil which is looking to be my favourite pick from this list. This Danish horror flick is meant to have a slow gradual, awkward and intense build-up with the second half exploding into graphic chaotic violence.

Not much to on in regards to the plot but it follows two Danish families who met while on holiday. One of the families goes to visit the other for a relaxing weekend that soon spirals into absolute madness.


I am not sure what to expect with Hatching but one thing’s for sure: it sounds odd and weirdly dark. The story of a girl who finds a large egg, the size of a dinosaur egg. She feels a connection to her new unhatched friend and even brings it to bed to sleep with her. But shocking events are sure to follow when the egg hatches

Hatching sounds like a whole lot of WTF? but in a really good way. I have no idea what’s coming out of that egg and I don’t wanna know until I see the film.


This sounds like it could be a lot of gross fun. An overweight girl spends her days hiding in her parents’ butcher shop to avoid being bullied by a bunch of nasty girls. She then witnesses her bullies being kidnapped and thrown in a van. She tells the police nothing but becomes strangely obsessed with the kidnapper, the man who put an end to her torment.

From director/writer Carlota Pereda (There Will Be Monsters). Piggy really gives off the vibe that it is a genre-twisting film. A film where the bully gets her justice in the most sadistic way possible. The fact that she knows what’s been done and could end their suffering and even save some of them by just calling the police. This really proves that these bullies must be complete evil bitches!.


Starring the wonderful Noomi Rapace, You Won’t Be Alone follows a child who lives in an isolated mountain village in 19th century Macedonia. The kid is then kidnapped by an ancient spirit who wants to transform the child into a witch.

I think this film will start wars among the horror community because of Goran Stolevski ‘s arthouse style of filmmaking and slow-build up. You Won’t Be Alone has all of the filmmaking ingredients to become part of the A24 family. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Stolevsk’s directorial debut would be compared to the likes of Robert Eggers or Ari Aster.


An American woman called Julia moves into a new apartment in Romania with her half Romanian husband. She spends most of her time alone because her husband is working. She then notices someone lurking in the shadows in a close-by abandoned building. Her anxiety escalates when she finds out that a serial killer called The Spider has been abducting and killing women.

Also, although the film is primarily in English, the director/co-writer Chloe Okuno decided to leave the subtitles out when there is Romanian dialogue. In doing so, she forces the viewer into the same experiences as the lead character who doesn’t understand what’s being said but knows it ain’t friendly or welcoming. Already being described as a brilliant homage to Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

The New YouTube video is now live. In this vid, I talk about Train to Busan and other great South Korean zombie productions.

That’s it for this list. I hope you will agree that we have some great new horror 2022. As always, thanks for reading.

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