New Latin American Horror Hitting Our Screens Soon

Next is a list of newly released of 3 upcoming Latin American horror films. And, as always, we have a nice blend of horror sub-genres so hopefully something for every horror hound.

We got some Mexican folklore witchcraft along with some supernatural and also an Argentinian Evil Dead-inspired flick. Below are 2 new Mexican flicks and one from Argentina. Let’s get to it.


This Argentinian horror offers us some straight-up Evil Dead, Deadite-inspired horror and that’s something we’re always down for.

A warlock is locked up in an insane asylum against his own will. No one believes in the evil entities that he battles. But after a vision, he is made aware that demonic hell is about to be unleashed in Argentina. The warlock must use his sorcerer abilities to break out of the asylum, fight evil and save his estranged non-believer daughter.


In the search for a cure for a sick child, Nala, a 13-year-old and her family travel to the countryside to visit Nala’s estranged grandmother. Upon arrival, Nala is left with her mysterious grandmother and starts to notice that there’s something very wrong with her.

It looks like we’re in for a treat with this flick. And, supposedly we have a VERY talented young Mexican filmmaker to bring this horror folk tale to life. It’s always great to be adding new upcoming talent to our watchlist.

What we have here is a Mexican folk horror that deals with witchcraft. Yessica should defo be the one who should be writing this – 100%, she knows these traditions inside & out. I am sure she will be eager to write some reviews when these are released.


Huesersa gained a lot of attention on the last year’s festival circuit for its slow-burn, creepy, atmospheric approach.

It is a story that does sound familiar

Valerie and her husband have been trying for a baby for years with no luck at all. She will do anything to have a child and family. After a pilgrimage and a Holy blessing, Valerie learns that she is finally pregnant. But something doesn’t feel right with what is inside her. What should be the happiest time her life is slowly turned into a living terror as she starts to doubt motherhood. Her worst fears are soon confirmed when she is plagued by horrific visions of an old lady with broken bones. A supernatural entity known as The Bone Lady.

That’s it for this list. Stay tuned for more.

As always, thanks for reading.


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