New European Horror Movies Part 2 with Trailers

We are back with another list with more new European horror movies. It seemed that the first list was too small so we’ve added more…and some awesome-sounding ones too. For part 1, just click this link!

We have another fine mix of new European horror movies and hopefully something for everyone. From the supernatural to serial killers, home invasion and Ogres, 2022 is the horror gift that keeps on giving. Let’s get to it.


Megalomaniac is directed by Karim Ouelhaj and is based on a shocking true story. In Belgium, between 1996 and 1997 a serial killer stalked the streets of Mons. He brutally murdered women, dismembering them and placing their body parts in bags & scattering them randomly around the city.

It looks like the film takes an exciting and unique approach. it follows two siblings who are living with the unthinkable aftermath of their father being The Butcher of Mons. Each tries to live their lives, but there’s only so much one can take before one breaks and follows the family tradition.

Another one I would call Human Horror. This one is meant to have some brutal violence. So much so, one critic said it was hard to get through and felt relieved when the end credits rolled. I’m in!!


Recently we got the great Netflix movie, now, it’s time for some Ogres. I don’t think we should expect giant monsters in this one, but it still sounds very intriguing. Probably more of a folklore/fantasy than horror but it still looks creepy.

When a mother and her young son move to the countryside, they quickly learn that they are not alone. At night, in the woods which surround their house, they hear the groans and roars of some creature. They then learn that all of the livestock in the nearby village has been slaughtered and whatever killed them may now be out for human blood…a child’s blood.

I am a sucker for these sorts of folklore tales. Too many people would mistake this thinking it is some sort of crazy creature feature but then is let down because it didn’t show the monsters properly, or maybe the monster is a metaphor. It doesn’t impress a lot of people but I for one am still waiting eagerly to check. this one is out.


Venus would definitely be my favourite from this list. I’m a fan of Spanish director, Jaume Balagueró. The man who gave us the [REC] well, one-half of the [REC] team anyways. Well, he’s back directing this new horror which was written by Jaume Balagueró, and Fernando Navarro (Toro, Veronica).

We are back to the apartment buildings of Madrid for some supernatural shenanigans. A go-go dancer who just robbed a bag of drugs is being hunted by the gang that owns them. She hides in her sister’s apartment where dark supernatural forces await their next victims.

Supposedly, Venus is inspired by H.P Lovecraft‘s story, Dreams In The Witch House. We recently got a direct adaptation of Dreams in the Witch House in Guillermo del Toro’s, Cabinet of Curiosities. But, yeah, there’s another great reason to be watching Venus.

Sorry, no English subs but still a great traiker


From director, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, The Beasts follows a couple who move to a rural village to escape city life and enjoy the countryside. Upon arrival, they don’t get the welcome they were quite hoping for. Two savage locals set their sights on the couple with crazed violent intentions forcing the couple to fight for their lives.

The Beasts is listed as a thriller, but I can think it fits this list. It may not be a full-blown horror but it sounds like it’s going to be like Straw Dogs or Funny Games, They’re horror films, just Human Horror.

If done right, in my opinion, no other horror movie can do a better job of making you feel completely gutted. I have said it before, there is nothing scarier than actual humans doing nasty, sadistic stuff to other humans for no other reason than pure evil pleasure.

Ok, that is it for this list. I think you’d agree that there are some gems in here for us all to check out. As always, thanks for reading

Have a wonderfully Happy Christmas


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