The Goldsmith Review: Impossible To Take Your Eyes Off Of

The Goldsmith is a new Italian home invasion horror directed by Vincenzo Ricchiuto. It is written by Ricchiuto and Germano Tarricone

OK, firstly, when I hear that we have a new extreme horror film out there that’s pushing the cinematic boundaries of horror, I become man-obsessed. So, when I get my hands on a new Italian extreme horror called The Goldsmith, my expectations are already set to a high standard.

The first thing that struck me about this film was the beautiful poster design. It looked damn right creepy and sucked me in straight away. The look of the film would remind you of some ’90s or early ’00s horror films – it just looks a little dirty…but in a good way.

Look at that wonderful poster!

The story of 3 thieves who break into the home of an elderly couple. The husband of the household is supposedly a Goldsmith and has a room somewhere in the house that’s filled with all sorts of treasures. What should be a straightforward job turns into their worst nightmare imaginable when they get trapped in the very room they are trying to rob. This elderly couple has a dark secret that’s about to show its evil, ugly face to the unsuspecting thieves.

What follows is a delightfully deranged time with some gruesome torturous scenes, that are impossible to take your eyes off of.

As far as Extreme Cinema goes, I have definitely seen a lot worse. It was still great, and my idea of what’s extreme may be very different to yours. By every sense of the word, The Goldsmith is still a shocker.

We’ve great performances from the cast and The Goldsmith and The Goldsmith’s wife are both two characters I would be more than happy to see return. Both are great together and offer just as much weird laughs as they do shocks. Another great thing about this film is that it is beautifully set up for either prequels or sequels…I want them all!

The Goldsmith slated for DVD and VOD/Streaming on October 12, 2023.

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