Werewolves, Found Footage, Cannibals and Witchcraft: 4 New European Horror Movies You Should Know About

2022 has been an incredible year for horror and it’s not over yet. Below is a list of new European horror flicks. For such a short list, we have a lot of different genres – all of which sound really promising and unique. Let’s hope so.

We have some folk horror, some found footage, and some werewolves and cannibals. Let’s get to it. I have even added the trailers for you (where possible) if you wanna get a closer look at what’s coming.


A new Found Footage horror is about a documentary crew that is making a film about the disappearance of one of the crew’s brothers. When arriving at where he was last seen, the crew meet another film crew, making a documentary about the same person…only from a much more sinister perspective



A mother struggling to contain her sons’ increasingly violent and aggressive behaviour is left with no choice but to go to her parent’s house in the small town where she grew up. But when she gets there she notices that the town is holding a dark and hairy secret and her son’s aggressiveness may have found a home.


Not only has 2022 been an awesome year for horror – it has been a great year for the cannibal sub-genre. So far, and I may be missing some, we have had, Feed Me, Bones and All, Fresh and the newly released The Menu. Now, we can add Family Dinner to that list too.

An overweight teen decides to visit her aunt’s farm to take advantage of her popular weight-loss and nutritional programme. Not long after her arrival, she notices that something is very off with her aunt and strange family.

Oh, by the way, here’s the information on those cannibal movies I mentioned above.


After the death of her mother, a woman travels back to the village to claim what was left in her mother’s will. When she arrives she is shocked to learn that her late mother’s house has been burnt to the ground. Left with nowhere to go, Charlotta takes refuge in her neighbours’ abandoned cabin, a cabin that was once rumoured to belong to an evil witch.

Another new European horror movie in the witchcraft sub-genre and being described as slow-burn horror. I’d say this is one for fans of movies Haggazussa and the recently released Noomi Rapace horror You Won’t Be Alone.

That’s it for this list. It is hard to pick a favourite from as they all sound pretty awesome. We hope we are among the first to hook you up with these new European horror movies and hope you have some fantastic future viewing.

As always, thanks for reading.


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