Upcoming Japanese Live-Action Movies Hitting Our Screens in 2022

In this new movie list, we are hooking you up with upcoming manga and novel live adaptations coming our way in 2022. We hope you enjoy it.


This manga adaptation sounds like a strange one. The plot is in the title. A weird, yet highly regarded high school teacher who dreams of being murdered by one of his female students. But his sick fantasy has to play out in one of two ways. 1) to be murdered in a perfect crime. 2) to be killed by pure heart and brutal strength by a beautiful female student. He finally meets the perfect student to make his sick fantasies a reality.


Kappei is another manga adaptation. I think the plot of this sounds really entertaining although the IMDb score ain’t very high. We may want to make our minds up ourselves about this one. This live-action action-comedy is about a group of young warriors who have been trained since birth to be the warriors of the apocalypse. But when the apocalyptic prophecy doesn’t come true, our warriors must learn to adapt and blend into society as normal functioning human beings.


University student, Massaya Kakei receives a random letter from a serial killer who is on Death Row for the murder of 8 people, The serial killer claims that during his reign of terror, he owned and operated out of a small bakery where Massaya was a regular customer. Although the serial killer has confessed to the murders, he claims that he is only responsible for 7 of the 8 murders. Massaya then tries to figure out the murderer responsible for the murder of the 8th victim.

Based on the novel “Shikei ni Itaru Yamai” by Riu Kushiki published by Hayakawa Bunko JA, October 19, 2017


This upcoming live-action adaptation is based on a 2017 novel of the same name by Akio Fukamachi published by Kadokawa.

I am pretty sure Hell Dogs will be a personal favourite for a lot of people on this list. It sounds epic and a straight-up yakuza revenge action flick.

It follows a cop who is broken because of the death of a loved one who died at the hands of the yakuza. He is given the opportunity to go undercover and infiltrate the yakuza and get revenge for the death of his fallen loved one.

Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Next Feature Promises More Violence Than Squid Game


G-Men is a new manga adaptation that has one of the most ordinary plotlines ever…I mean, for a manga adaptation anyways. It follows a class in a high school that is all part of a specially designed classroom for losers. They’re mocked and laughed at by other students. They even have to wear a separate uniform from the other students which single them out for further torment and bullying from the students. One of the students is trying desperately to find his one true love but finds it hard because of his G class status.

Based on the manga series “G-Men” by Toshio Ozawa. It was published from November 27, 2014, to March 29, 2018, in the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Champion.

That’s it for this list We hope we’ve hooked you up with some fine future viewing. As always, thanks for reading.

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