All Of Us Are Dead: All you need to know about new South Korean zombie Netflix series

Netflix and South Korea are about to unleash yet another zombie series on the world called All Of Us Are Dead

With the success of #Alive, Kingdom & Kingdom: Ashin of the North, it seems that Netflixers just can’t get enough zombie action. South Korean cinema is rapidly on the rise and there’s no sign of it slowing down. We are just getting so much quality content, film after film, series after series. And I hope you all remember who has been pushing South Korean cinema for years. Yup, us at Moviehooker. You will not find bigger fans.

Based on a webtoon called Now At Our School which was published from 2009 – 2011 created by Joo Dong-Geun.

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Netflix announced the news that the series was in development back in 2020

Netflix has now added a poster and a short synopsis to their feed. The plot reads as follows “A zombie virus breaks out fast inside a school. Endangered students fight to survive and escape

Yup, that’s not much at all. All we know is that it is about a bunch of high schoolers stuck inside their school during a zombie apocalypse. But the thing about South Korean zombie productions is that simplicity works best. Be it stuck on a train, or stuck in a building, South Koreans really know how to drive emotion in their characters during a zombie plague.

It is still unknown how many episodes we will be getting in the new Netflix zombie series. I will make sure to update this article when I hear the news.


According to Netflix, All Of Us Are Dead will arrive early next year – January 22nd 2022. Put that date in your diaries for more zombie mayhem!.

All Of us are Dead is produced by Netflix, JTBC Studios and Film Monster & directed by J.Q Lee & Seong-il Cheon


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