Trailer/Info for Jung_E – new sci-fi from Train to Busan director

Netflix just dropped the trailer for Jung_E, the new action sci-fi from Hellbound & Train to Busan director/writer, Yeon Sang-ho

Jung_E is set in the near future when climate change has destroyed Earth. An elite South Korean soldier starts to go through a brain-cloning experiment with his cloned brain being put into the most advanced A.I combat robot.

This sounds so good! Yeon Sang-ho really has proved himself to be one of the best dark storytellers of our generation. He really has covered every single genre; horror, webtoon, series, serial killers, animated features, and superheroes. This man writes, directs and also illustrates his own webtoons. Sang-ho is a bottomless pit of creative talent of a darker nature.

By the looks of this trailer, the cloning experiment doesn’t go according to plan, instead of creating the most advanced AI combat soldier, they’ve gone and made a killer AI robot. I could be wrong though. But to be honest, it is hard to grasp if this will fall into the ultra-violent category or be something along the tone of his superhero movie, Psychokinesis. If he is given AI advanced combat robots, I want advanced robot violence. I’m still watching regardless though.


Set in the 22nd century, climate change has caused the planet to become uninhabitable and humans live within a man-made shelter. A war takes place within the shelter. Jung Yi is the elite leader of the allied forces. She becomes the subject of a brain cloning experiment. The cloning experiment is a potential key to win the war.

For those of you who can’t wait for 2023 for some violent super-soldier action, you can now rent out the new South Korean CRAZY AF actioner, Project Wolf Hunting. Trust me, if you want super soldiers, you got it and with this one, I can guarantee the crazy hyper-violence.

Enjoy the trailer!

Jung_E Official Trailer, Netflix 2023

Jung_E will arrive on Netflix, on January 20th, 2023.


Ryu Kyung-soo (The call, Hellbound) & Kim Hyun-joo (Hellbound, I have A Lover). Yeon Sang-ho writes and directs.

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