The King Of Pigs: Yeon Sang-ho’s Early Work Gets the live-action K-Drama Treatment

The Kings of Pigs was first released as an animated feature back in 2011. Now, we have a brand new K-drama adaptation that is going to rock a lot of peoples’ worlds

The brand new series has recently started to air via TVING. It stars Kim Dong-wook (Along With The Gods), Kin Sung-Kyu (The Gangster, the Cop & the Devil, Tunnel) & Chae Jung-an (Dad for rent).

This was my first introduction to the work of Sang-ho Yeon who is best known for Train to Busan or Hellbound. I have been a crazy fan of the man ever since. For those of you, that like South Korean serial killer type flicks, The King of Pigs ticks all of the boxes. But apart from the grisly murders, it deals with the high rate of bullying and suicide happening in South Korea. Sang-ho’s animated feature was first released in 2011, so the man has been trying to spread the dark truth about South Korean culture for 12-years. It’s only recently, that we have had series’ like Squid Game, D.P or Goedamn. Each of those carries a dark message of the reality for a lot of young South Koreans (D.P still is hands-down the most heartbreaking thing I have ever watched. Man, it hits fkn hard…, especially the last scene).

In The King Of Pigs, we are thrown into the sad world of high-school bullying. A group of young kids are constantly being tortured and bullied by the richer kids. But when a new member joins the bullies, things start to take a seriously dark and twisted turn. To defeat the monsters, we must become monsters ourselves.

I am still not sure if they have added to the original story or if they’ve expanded the whole thing. Either way, The King Of Pigs is guaranteed to make for some fantastic, yet extremely uncomfortable viewing. Time will tell. I will be checking this out ASAP.

As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG

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