A new list of films featuring some of the bleakest endings guaranteed to rip your soul apart.


Pascal Laugier’s, Martyrs pushed a lot of boundaries when it came to on-screen violence and was one of the leading titles in the French Extreme Movement

The story of two friends on a quest for vengeance when one of the friends sees an article in the newspaper and is convinced it was the people who abducted her when she was a child. She barely escaped with her life which left her severely psychologically damaged.

The violence in Martyrs is very much a driving-force for the story. if it didn’t have the boundary-pushing violence, it would simply mean nothing.


In my opinion, Inside is one of the strongest directorial debuts in cinematic history. A film by Julien Maury and Alexandre Busitllo. I have checked out every single these guys have realeased and I still think their directorial debut is their strongest feature.

A heavily pregnant woman mourning the recent loss of her husband must fight off an intruder who wants to cut the unborn child from her stomach. Although there are only tow primary characters in this film, the level of tension is so intense you’ll be begging for her to survive.


You want bleakness? you got it! Both the original and the remake deliver some of the most soul-crushing scenes that will truly leave you cinematically scarred for life. 

Two young men decide to break into the home of a wealthy family and take them hostage. They then force the family to play sadistic games with each other with devastating consequences. 

The original and the remake are both directed by Michael Haneke. 


Nothing Bad Can Happen is almost identical in tone to the Danish horror movie Speak No Evil. It has a completely different story but the concept and end result are exactly the same.

The directorial debut from Katrin Gebbe, Nothing Bad Can Happen follows Tore, a young lost soul and member of a Christian punk following. Lost with nowhere to go, Tore is offered shelter from a storm and a roof over his head by a seemingly nice and normal family. Tore’s religious beliefs make him believe that this family has been sent from the heavens to help him in his time of need. What Tore doesn’t know is that this family is a group of sadistic animals that want nothing more than to manipulate and torture him.

Some of the most realistic and unnerving scenes of barbaric torture I have ever seen on film…and I HAVE SEEN A LOT. 


As I said above, Speak No Evil is the Human Horror Twin of Nothing Bad Can Happen. We will also see an English language remake arriving towards the end of the year. The remake is directed and written by Eden Lake director James Watkins. It will star James McAvoy and Scoot McNairy.

A family go to visit a couple they met when on holiday not knowing much about who they are or what they do. Mind games begin almost immediately as the couple begin to realise that their new hosts may not be the nice folk they once thought they were. 

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