A family who live in a gated community are attacked in their home by three masked criminals. They take the family hostage and force the father to go with one of the criminals to withdraw money from an ATM. The family are tortured and beaten severely until their survival instinct kicks in they begin to fight back with every inch of their lives. 

Considered by many to be the best film in the home invasion sub-genre. One thing is for certain, Kidnapped is a film for those who have stomachs of steel. It is a grim experience.


Ills deals with a husband and wife who live in a large secluded country house close to the Romanian border. One night the couple are harassed by hooded figures who are determined to make their night a living hell. 

The intruders also use this little toy to make a sound to drive the victims crazy – this little toy has become one of the most distinctive horror props I can think of. The more the viewer hears these random sounds the more it gets under your skin. The more the victims hear this sound the more they descend into madness. 

Some of the creepiest moments from any home invasion horror. It may not be that extreme but trust me, Ills will stick with you for many years after viewing. 


The Strangers is going on the list because I know a lot of people love it. Me?, well, not so much but I didn’t think it was terrible. 

For those of you who are unaware, The Strangers is loosely based on the movie Ills. When you see the original, there’s no way you can’t compare the two. 

A new trilogy of films has also been confirmed with the first instalment titled The Strangers: Chapter One.


From horror maestro Mike Flanagan, Hush is a straightforward home invasion horror with a slight twist.

Our protagonist is deaf and mute and lives a solitary life in a large house by herself in the woods. Her life becomes a living nightmare with the arrival of a masked man looking to break into the house and kill her. She must use every sense she has to outsmart and turn the tables on the killer.


One of the OG’s of home invasion horror and starring the wonderful Dustin Hoffman. This one was also remade with James Marsden and while the remake was pretty decent, if you haven’t checked this one out then I would urge you to check out the original.

A couple move to their dream home in the secluded countryside unaware of the crazy locals that live there. Their dream home 


Inside is a film that needs no introduction, Not only is this one of the best home invasion horror films, but it is also widely considered as one nastiest pieces of work in the French Extreme Movement.

A heavily pregnant woman mourning the recent loss of her husband is violently pursued in her home by a woman in a black dress. Her attacker has only one thing thing in mind: remove etc baby from her stomach.


Funny Games is another home invasion horror that sits effortlessly among the best in the subgenre. There is also a remake that is nearly every bit as good. Both the original and the remake are directed by legendary director Michael Haneke

2 evil young men with tortuous murder on their minds break into the home of a wealthy family and force them to play sadistic games with each other. 


This is probably the most recent movie to feature on the list. No One Can Save You was released last year via Hulu. The film is almost completely dialogue-free and follows a young woman who becomes under attack when aliens invade her home.

Great lead performance in this from Kaitlyn Dever. It got a lot of hate too but I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Dever has now been confirmed to be starring as Abby in The Last of Us season 2


I have yet to see this one but I can confirm that it definitely belongs on the list. I have heard many reports that this is one of the best home invasion movies in recent years.

The plot would remind you of the Dustin Hoffman movie Straw Dogs. It follows a couple who decide to pack up their life in the city and move to the rural countryside. They plan to farm vegetables and sell the produce at the local markets. Not long after their arrival, they notice that something just ain’t right with the locals. Before they know they are caught in a battle for survival with their new neighbours.


A wonderfully bleak home invasion movie from Mexico which may be upsetting to a lot of viewers. A young girl is terrified of her neighbour’s dogs and she is eventually bitten by it. Upset that they aren’t getting justice, the neighbours sacrifice the dog. This ignites a burning hatred in the dog owners and they decide to break into their home and make them face the same horrible fate as their beloved pet.

That is it for this list of the Best Home Invasion Movies

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