Dangerous Animals: Serial Killer Feeds Victims To Sharks in Sean Byrne’s New Film

Sean Byrne, the writer and director behind The Loved Ones and The Devil’s Candy is back with a new serial killer horror called Dangerous Animals

Sean Byrne is a popular name within the indie horror scene. His two movies, The Loved Ones and The Devil’s Candy both offered a unique spin on tiresome sub-plots that have been done to death.

Now, Byrne is back with his first film since 2017 (The Devil’s Candy) called Dangerous Animals. Here is some information on the release.

Hassie Harrison (Yellowstone), Jai Courtney (Terminator Genisys) and Heartbreak High’s Josh Heuston, soon to be seen in Dune: Prophecy, will star in the horror thriller Dangerous Animals. Adding edge to the package, Australia’s genre auteur Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones, The Devil’s Candy), one of the highest rated horror directors of all time on Rotten Tomatoes, is directing Dangerous Animals which will be brought onto the Cannes market by David Garrett’s Mister Smith Entertainment.”

Written by Nick Lepard, Dangerous Animals exhibits the same play with genre tropes of The Devil’s Candy, a classic horror thrill ride which unspools to the sounds of heavy metal. In Dangerous Animals, Zephyr (Harrison), described as a savvy and free-spirited surfer, is abducted by a shark-obsessed serial killer (Courtney). ‘Held captive on his boat, she must figure out how to escape before he carries out a ritualistic feeding to the sharks below. The only person who realizes she is missing is new love interest Moses (Hueston), who goes looking for Zephyr, only to be caught by the deranged murderer as well.


Stray tuned for more information on Dangerous Animals. Like his previous two movies, this one will pack one hell of a bite. A serial killer who feeds his victims to sharks as part of some self-obsessed shark ritual? sign us the hell up!

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