WOLF NIGHT: District 9 Meets The Purge?

Wolf Night has been described as exactly that – a new werewolf film from Platinum Dunes and director Jonathan Liebesman that is already being compared to The Purge meets District 9

Deadline was the first to report the news on this new werewolf movie. Although we don’t have anything in regard to plot, I can safely say that just by that small teaser description, I don’t think I know of any fan who doesn’t think this sounds like a great idea. And hey, we are long overdue a werewolf resurgence (but a shout-out to Larry Fessenden’s recent old-school werewolf flick BLACKOUT). I think Wolf Night could be the rebirth of a near-forgotten sub-genre that most just can’t seem to get right.

As for The Purge. I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan. I have always found the plot of The Purge movies fascinating, but feel let down by the execution or the script. I always come away thinking that there was a good movie in there somewhere. Each to their own though, I know a lot of people love The Purge franchise.

Now, District 9 is another story. I am sure you will agree that since its release, District 9 is now a sci-fi classic. It is a film we have been dreaming of a sequel for so long. Blomkamp announced sometime last year that himself and Shartlo Copley were working on a direct sequel to District 9. Months later, it was then revealed that the project is in development but it is unlikely that we will get to see it anytime soon (sad Prawn face).

So, if I was sat down in a production meeting and someone pitched the idea of The Purge meets District 9 then there would have only been one word from me: funded.

So, What Could We Get From Wolf Night? A Hybrid Horror That is Being Described as The Purge by way of District 9

It is hard to think where the story for Wolf Night could go. I would be up for a segregated werewolf zone where they all have a certain amount of time to kill each other: Battle Royale style…only hairier, and with claws and fangs. Or, we could have a plot where we see a lot of segregated humans that must survive a night of hairy terror when the government unleash werewolves at them to kill them all off and hey must survive some sort of werwolf purge Hey, I would be more than ok with any of those plots.

Wolf Night looks to be in the very early stages of development and will be produced by Platinum Dunes. Sadly, this means we are going to waiting a while on some production updates. One thing is for sure though, we will be with this one every step of the way.

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