I am back again with another new list. This time though I want to focus on 3 new action movies that are guaranteed to bring more chaos and bloodshed than any other actioners of the year.

When it comes to new action movies, I would have to say I would be a little picky. We don’t get many great ones, do we? I like my action films brutal and relentless and I was brought up on the very best (Jackie Chan, Van Damme and Bruce Lee). That love for old-school kung fu action movies has grown. It has expanded as I’ve learnt about the different martial arts styles of Asian cinema (my grandmother would be impressed). Now, my go-to action flicks would be the likes of The Raid movies.

If you agree with the above paragraph then no doubt you will love these films I am about to tell you about. let’s get to it.


Boy Kills World has been high up on the watchlist for a long time now. We are getting a release this year though. The film deals with a character who goes on a path of bloody vengeance to avenge the death of his family. He is trained by the legendary Yayan Ruhian (Mad Dog from The Raid). When he was attacked, the villains removed his tongue so we get to hear a narration from his chosen voice in his head: a John Wayne-style cowboy.

Skarsgard is going to kill it in this movie. People have been complaining that he ain’t capable of pulling off Eric Draven in The Crow. I never doubted him for one second, but even more so now that he is coming straight off of the back of Boy Kills World.


I think Mayhem is as close to The Raid without receiving legal proceedings as a film could ever be. Another one I have been looking forward to and that’s partly because of Xavier Gens. Gens burst on the scene in the early 00s with his nasty little French extreme offering Frontier(s). He has gone on to make some other notable movies like Cold Skin and The Divide.

A man fresh out of prison and trying to build a new crime-free life for himself in Thailand finds himself thrown back into the life of violent crime when his family are kidnapped forcing him to unleash the beast within


Well, this one has come as a surprise. Dev Patel makes his directorial debut in a John Wick-style action film with him in the lead role. Patel always surprises me and now judging from the trailer it seems he also has the fighting skills to be an action star as well. He has come a long way since playing that dude in Skins.

This looks like John Wick-style (I am hoping way more violent) action mixed with the unusual, unnerving visual tone of Nicolas Winding Refn. I am sure you will agree that’s a beautiful cinematic carnage combo.

Another straight-forward revenge flick about a man on a quest for vengeance against the evil corporation that murdered his mother and look after the elite. The only difference here, and a welcomed difference too if you ask me – our protagonist wears a chimpanzee mask when dishing out his form of justice.

Monkey-Man looks like so much fun and who would’ve thought it? Dev Patel the ass-kicker!

That’s it for this list of new action movies coming your way in 2024. Check back soon for more news, reviews and TV and movie lists. As always, thanks for reading.

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