Tyrant: New Park Hoon-Jung Sci-Fi Action Movie

A new sci-fi action film on the scale of The Witch called Tyrant from the great Park Hoon-jung is on its way!

Park Hoon-jung is back yet again with a brand new new action movie. Hoon-jung has said that the tone of his new movie Tyrant would be similar to The Witch. This is really exciting news as The Witch was so damn good and really set the bar for high standards in sci-fi action films. This sort of extreme, beautifully choreographed chaotic violence along with the great screenwriting and directing skills of Park Hoon-jung – Tyrant has automatically shot up to being one of my most anticipated movies.

I am not sure how far into production we are or if we shall see a release in 2024 but you can be guaranteed that we will be with you every step of the way up to its release.

Here’s what we know so far about Tyrant

Tyrant does seem to be going down the route of introducing American characters. It does seem to make sense to the story so we should be alright. I always think that the introduction of American characters takes away from the feeling of authenticity. Sometimes Korean actors struggle with the words too. It seems that they are trying hard not to mess up the language without realising it’s bleeding into their performance. I do not think that is fair to the actors. But if makes sense and drives the story forward then I am ok with that. Tyrant deals with “multiple nations and highly-skilled individuals”. I just hope that all of these other nations are up to speed and can deliver the level of choreographed chaos the South Koreans can do. I mean, no one, and I mean no one can do action as good as South Korea when. I do not doubt that with Park Hoon-jung in charge, we are in very safe hands.

Check This Out from Wiki (Contain Your Excitement, Folks)

According to Park Hoon-jung, The Tyrant is a story on a larger scale compared to the smaller narrative structures of The Childe. It involves the emergence of multiple nations and highly skilled individuals. It shares a similar worldview to The Witch franchise and story from the opposite perspective. The Tyrant will be a film that has elements of Science Fiction and fantasy

Plot Wiki

The US intelligence agency discovered a secretive initiative called ‘the Tyrant Project’ that was being conducted in Korea. They demanded that the Korean authorities terminate the program immediately. After dismantling the project, it was slated to be handed over to the US, but an unexpected incident occurred during the transfer process. Following Director Choi’s instructions, operation staff Ja-kyung and Mo-yong successfully managed to seize a sample of the program. When US intelligence agent Paul learns of the mishap, he resolves to retrieve the sample himself


According to Wiki, Tyrant began filming in January of 2023. It is reported that Ace Maker Movie Works will be releasing the film in its 2024 release schedule. Yay! It seems that we are in the final stage of post-production

Tyrant stars Cha Seung-won (My Teacher, Mr Kim), Kim Seon-Ho (The Childe) and Kim Kang-woo (The Gifted Hands)

Park Hoon-jung is the mastermind behind South Korean classics, I saw The Devil, New World, V.I.P, Night In Paradise and The Tiger. Maybe I am wrong but I think this is the first time we will be getting an action movie with elements of fantasy and sci-fi. I could not be more excited for this one. Stay tuned for more updates. As always, thanks for reading

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