The Best Korean TV Shows On Paramount Plus


Bargain in one of the crazier South Korean TV shows…if you can believe that and is a major win for Paramount K content. Yes, this epic series is for fans of the darkest, meanest forms of K Drama/Horror. 

A young girl tricks a man into believing she is selling her body for sex. What the the supposed sexual predator doesn’t know is that he is about to get kidnapped, strapped to an operating table and all of his organs will be sold to the highest, most desperate bidder. But when an earthquake strikes, it decimates the building, trapping everyone inside. With the building collapsing more by the minute, a group of survivors must now battle each other if they’re to try and make a way out. 

We have cops, criminals, serial killers and desperate organ hunters who will do anything…including murder to make sure they get the organs they need. There’s so much going on in Bargain and it is also shot wonderfully using a long take which shows us the talent of the actors.


Save Me deals with a worrying issue in South Korea: the rise of religious orders/cults. Through South Korean K Dramas I’ve learnt a lot about Korean society and its social issues. This is beautifully, yet usually heartbreakingly told through TV and film production. Save Me was the first time I’ve heard about the religious orders in Korea and it was quite frightening but a great watch. 

A family become the latest target of a rising religious order The Mighty New Sky. This cult is led by a charismatically creepy Spiritual Father who dresses in heavenly white, has bleached blonde hair, and bleached eyebrows, white shoes, and white socks…he looks laughable but is far from the god-sent gift he is pretending to be. He drains his targets (followers) of all their earthly possessions, their land, houses, and money, everything now belongs to The Mighty New Sky. 

A rescue mission by a group of high school students who realise their school friend Sang-mi is being held against her will by The Mighty New Sky – and they learn the horrific fate that will await Sang-mi if they don’t save her.


Voice is one of the more popular South Korean serial killer Dramas and for good reason, too. It deals with a wide range of talented profilers and cops who deal with 112 calls in a call centre. They have to try and solve near-impossible cases using just the information given to them by the distressed callers. As well as these cases, a personal hunt for a serial killer that killed the cop’s wife drags him further into a dark and dangerous underworld. 


Another superior dark serial killer series. This one deals with another very popular theme used in many K Drama productions: time travel. A cold case profiler and a detective are somehow able to talk to each other, 30 years apart through time-bending walkie-talkies.

This series deals with different serial murder cases. Every two episodes we get a new case but the investigating officials from the 80s and modern-day remain the same.


Without a doubt, A Bloody Lucky Day is my favourite K Drama of late. This is another one for fans of the extreme side of Korean cinema. If you’re a fan of films like I Saw The Devil or No Mercy then I can safely tell you, you are about to find your new obsession. 

A taxi driver picks up a serial killer who forces him on a cross-country journey. The killer agrees to let the driver live if he listens to his life story on how he became a killer and how he chose, tortured and killed his victims. Just like I Saw The Devil once this gets going, it just doesn’t stop and goes to dark places you would never dream it could go. 

That’s it for this list of best Korean TV Shows on Paramount Plus. It may not be much but what they do have is more than worth your time. As always thank you for reading.

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