Great Films On Amazon Prime You Need In your Life 2024

The Best Films You Can Currently Stream On Amazon Prime Video UK/Ireland.

I was browsing Amazon Prime last night and I noticed some new epic films have been added. This is quite the mix and to be honest, I deleted some because the article was just too big. So, I guess a part 2 is on the cards so stay tuned for that. Now, let’s hook you up with something to watch!


This South Korean Splatter-piece takes gore to the next level. A group of cops, serial killers, gang members and crew members are thrown into an impossible fight for survival when a genetically modified superhuman wakes from his slumber and rips his way through everyone that gets in his path on board a large ship.

This one just arrived on Prime and if this is the calibre of South Korean cinema arriving on this platform, Netflix may have to worry!


One of the best French extremes, well, this one is Belgian but still in the French language. I would say Calvaire would be more weird than extreme, however, our idea of what is extreme may differ. Make no mistake, this one will leave a mark on you. 

Calvaire aka The Ordeal follows a cabaret singer who breaks down on his way to a gig. He is rescued by a seemingly nice old man who promises to have him on his way in the morning. When morning arrives, he starts to realise that he is being held against his will and that getting out alive may not be as easy as it once seemed.


The Taking of Deborah Logan is hands-down one of the most effective found footage horrors in the sub-genre. It is really well told and blends deteriorating disease along with elements of the supernatural and the results are TERRIFYING! 

A documentary crew are granted access to make a documentary about the cognitive and mental decline of a woman in the early stages of dementia. But when strange occurrences start happening, the crew start to believe that something evil is inside the house and it wants to take Deborah Logan.


Written ad directed by Christopher Smith, Triangle stars the awesome Melissa George in what is considered one of the best indie horror mind-fucks of all time.

A time-bending tale of terror that takes place after 5 friends on a yacht capsize. They are then rescued by a mysterious ship and when they board, they realise that no onion on board…but they are far from alone. 


Bone Tomahawk is another new entry to Prime. A lot consider certain scenes in this to be some of the most gruesome and hard-hitting scenes ever put on film…and they would be right.

In Bone Tomahawk, Kurt Russel plays a sheriff who leads his posse on a rescue mission to rescue a doctor from cave-dwelling cannibals. Director and writer S Craig Zahler has released other gritty dramas that are extremely violent; Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Dragged Across Concrete. He is also an author and a graphic novel artist.


District 9 has gone down in history as a sci-fi classic. Aliens invade Johannesburg and try and settle down and live among the humans. But we humans being the great species we are decide to to separate them from society. They are forced to live in a slum-like walled community with very strict rules from the government. On a routine house search, one of the government officials gets infected by a strange liquid. His body begins to transform, forcing him to team up with the very people he was employed to destroy. 


Green Room is written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier who gave us the great Murder Party and Blue It stars Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Joe Cole Patrick Stewart and Macon Blair. A punk rock band get trapped inside a green room by Neo nazis after they witness a murder after a gig they were tricked into performing. 


I recently revisited The Gift and it still holds up. Starring Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton, the film follows a successful couple who decide to move back to their hometown to start a family. On arrival, they meet Gordo who immediately recognises Simon from their childhood days. The next day, Gordo arrives at their door bearing gifts. But something just isn’t right with Gordo and his sinister intentions are about to become clear.


I’m happy I checked out The Shed before going to IMDb to read up on it. This was a solid vampire flick. Yeah, it could have been better but I really enjoyed it for what it was. It reminded me of the 80s vampire flicks and that was refreshing to see. A mix of Fright Night and The Lost Boys..but nowhere near as good as those classics but still enjoyable. 

A vampire gets trapped inside a school kids’ garden shed (I don’t know why this vampire didn’t just leave the shed at night. But if he did, we wouldn’t have much of a film). After realising it has an unquenchable thirst for human blood the teen and his friends set out to feed their tormentors to the vampire. 

That’s it for this list of Great Movies To Stream On Prime Video

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