Until Dawn: Cast Announced For Upcoming PS4 Game Adaptation

We’ve something a little bit different to be talking about today. The hugely popular horror game Until Dawn is getting a live-action remake and now, we can share the cast with you

There’s been quite the buzz lately surrounding some new cinematic horror games that will be brought to us via Blumhouse Games but I will get to that in a bit. Firstly, I wanna chat about the live-action adaptation of Until Dawn

Until Dawn tells the story of two twin sisters who went missing after a party at a mountain lodge. What people don’t know is that the two sisters were chased by a masked killer ( voiced by Larry Fassenden) with a flamethrower forcing Hannah and Beth towards a cliff’s edge. No bodies were ever found, which has left loved ones with some hope to hold on to. A year later, the sisters’ brother, Mike (voiced by Rami Malek in the game) invites all of those who were at that fateful party back to the mountain lodge where the nightmare began.

While hesitant to return to the scene, each of the guests eventually accepts the invite and to get there, they have to arrive at the lodge via a cable car. In true horror fashion, soon after their arrival, the cable car is no longer in operation trapping the guests on the mountain. Now, the masked killer has resurfaced and has an old score to settle with the returning visitors.

Until Dawn: the cast is as follows – Ji-young Yoo, Ella Rubin, Odessa A’zion, Michael Cimino

The screenplay for Until Dawn will be written by Gary Dauberman (Annabelle, Annabelle Creation, The Nun, The Nun 2, IT, IT: Part 2).

Other Cinematic Gaming news

As well as the news for Until Dawn, Blumhouse has just announced its merging into the world of games. This is such great news for us gamers. I mean, I am obsessed with gaming, just not quite as much as movies. Now, we’re getting the worlds combined and I can not wait to see what is in store for us. Brandon Cronenberg has been confirmed as one of the filmmakers venturing into the cinematic gaming world.

Imagine, we will be thrown into a Cronenbergian mindf*ck and will be able to be completely submerged into one of the most creatively mind-melting names in horror cinema. And, these games will also be interactive. So, in many ways, we will be able to choose the path and more importantly, the fate of the characters in the game. Bring it on! I hope to play online with some of you fine folk someday.

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