I am back with a new list. This time I am focusing on some new serial killer movies and I promise that some of these will shake you to the core 

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, I am sure you will have heard of some of these new serial killer movies, but I hope I have a couple of surprises in here for you, too. As for release dates, most of these are out this year, with one releasing sometime in 2025. Let’s get to it. 


Strange Darling follows a woman who meets a man who happens to be a ruthless serial killer. She escapes with her life but has no clue where she is or how to get help. With the killer catching up to finish his gruesome deed, she must adapt to her surroundings if she is to survive being slaughtered.

This looks like a great throwback to the old-school, cat-and-mouse serial killer movies. it is currently sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with nine reviews. 


Longlegs is one of the serial killer movies I’m sure that you know about. Starring Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe, it follows an FBI detective on the hunt for a cult & a serial killer who has been butchering families. 

I posted a new poster for Longlegs today and one of the official quotations was “the scariest film of the decade”. This is going to be a bleak watch, but will it be the scariest film of the decade? I certainly hope so. Not long now until we can find out.


Okay, we don’t have a lot of information to go with on this one. The Epiphany is a new serial killer movie starring Sylvester Stallone which is a welcomed role for the big man.

Stallone plays a detective who is called in to investigate a string of murders that are happening in the catholic church where a serial killer has been killing people who are connected to the church through some sort of local scandal.


Another one that needs no introduction. Speak No Evil is a remake of the 2022 Dutch film. At first, I was thinking this was just some sort of pointless remake. Then, looking into it I found out that it is the new film from Eden Lake director James Watkins.

The news of Watkins remaking Speak No Evil somewhat eased my worry, not to mention, that we’ve a pretty stellar cast. Now, I have to say that I didn’t think much of the trailer but I will wait until I see the film before I pass on any sort of judgment. 

I’d hope that they will explore the past of the serial killers more. In the original, we learn that these two have been killing people for years. I wanted more backstory and honestly thought that it was left with some unanswered questions and a different version may explore this further. Time will tell. 


Josh Hartnett is back, and, man, it was really good to see him in the trailer for M Night Shyamalan’s new serial killer movie Trap. Hartnett takes on the role of the killer who has been butchering women. He is then trapped inside a venue by the cops in a huge undercover operation when he takes his daughter to a gig.

Now, I thought that the trailer was extremely silly so I am hoping (and I’m sure there will) there will be way more depth than what we got in the teaser.


The Strange Tale of A Writer Who Decided To Write About A Serial Killer is a new black comedy starring Steve Buscemi. The story of a writer who is going through some marital issues and needs a friend to chat with. He forms a relationship with a retired serial killer (played by Buscemi, yay!) who then becomes his shoulder to cry on while at the same becoming the inspiration for his new novel

That’s it for this list. You can follow Moviehooker on the socials listed below. Check back soon for more news, reviews, interviews, and TV and movie lists. As always, thanks for reading.

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