Upcoming Horror Flicks 2024

A new list of upcoming horror flicks that should be coming your way soon. I hope you enjoy it and add them to your watchlist.

Again, we have a new list of upcoming horror flicks, all with different subgenres, so hopefully, there will be something here for every type of horror fan.


The Demon Disorder caught my attention because it had a pretty cool poster. It follows three brothers grieving the loss of their father. After a dark family secret is uncovered, they find themselves the target of a supernatural entity looking for revenge from beyond the grave.


The premise for In From Outside may seem like it has been done 1000 times, but there is just that little bit of mystique that may separate it from the rest.

In From Outside follows three couples who find themselves stranded and trapped at a roadside diner. With no way out they start to get killed one by one in mysterious ways.


An army veteran fresh back from a tour arrives back in his home town. Not long after his arrival, he is falsely accused of murder and is locked away in an insane asylum. Years later, when released he sets out to find the real murderer. He may not be able to get all of his lost years back… but he can get revenge.


Residence sounds like a lot of fun. It follows an unlikely group of survivors who band together during a zombie apocalypse all with one mission in mind: make it to a medieval fun park and set up camp to battle hordes of the undead.

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