I am happy to report that we are starting to see a rise in South Korean content on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the first Moviehooker list.


A man who commits suicide is met at the gates of Hell by Death. Death offers him the chance to live again but under one condition: he will be reincarnated into the bodies of 12 different people. All of these people will die soon and if he can figure out a way to prevent the death he will. live the rest of his life in that body.


The Killing Vote follows a mysterious new figure who is seeking justice and revenge for those who have committed horrendous acts of violence. He feels they have gotten away too lightly with the crimes they committed. He puts the lives of these criminals into the actual hands of the public. They must use their smartphone to vote if they think they’re innocent or guilty. If the vote is over 50%, the criminal is executed live on-screen.


To be honest, there’s a lot on Amazon Prime that I am not familiar with so I could be missing out on some great content. I will get to them eventually though. Payback was one of the shows I had never heard of before so I am so glad I started it based on the recommendations after Death’s Game.

Payback is about a lawyer who returns to his hometown to help fight against a corporate company to stop the destruction and pollution of his hometown. Another top-notch crime drama from South Korea. This one is also extremely sad as I think it might have been the last role that Lee Sun-kyun starred in before his suicide earlier this year (RIP)


Monster was one of the most ferocious action movies I have witnessed to come out of South Korea and still is to this day. The film focuses on a mentally underdeveloped girl who carefully executes a plan to get revenge on the sadistic serial killer who ruthlessly killed her sister.

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The big man Ma Dong-seok goes on a bloody quest for revenge to take down the gang who kidnapped his wife. Unstoppable is full of hard-hitting action around every corner but never seems overplayed or rushed.

With Ma Dong-seok movies, you always know that you’re in for a good time. He is a powerhouse of an actor and has earned that name respectfully…breaking one jaw at a time.


Escape From Mogadishu is based on actual events. Not only can South Koreans do fast-paced martial arts action films, but they also do war movies extremely well. This has the elements of a political thriller while still delivering jaw-dropping action war sequences.

The film follows North and South Korean embassy officials who are trapped in a war-torn Somalia and must try and figure out how to escape. This film has some of the most realistic war scenes ever put on film. It is also so uniquely directed and shot. The director and camera put you in there with them never shying away from the horrific war crimes and brutalities of war.


Zombie For Sale is a heartwarming zomcom about a zombie who escapes a research facility and stumbles into a teenage girl. The teenage zombie immediately falls in love and follows her to her family’s home. After the grandfather is accidentally bitten his youthfulness returns and he feels years younger. The family sees this as a way to help their failing business and decides to capitalise on these special zombie bites. But what they don’t know is that this new lease of life is only stage 1 of the infection. What follows leads to a Romero-style zombie, ravenous and wanting human flesh.


Starring the great Choi Min-sik and is written and directed by I Saw The Devil writer Park Hoon-jung. The Tiger is a historical epic about a South Korean hunter who is forced to hunt down the last remaining tiger in blistering cold conditions while a lot of the country is under Japanese rule.

The use of CGI in The Tiger is tremendous. Every single movement and action looks real. It ain’t long before you start rooting for the tiger – It is very much a lead character in the film.

That’s it for this list of the best South Korean Content on Amazon Prime Video. Check back soon for more news, reviews, lists and more. You can also follow Moviehooker on these socials below. As always, thanks for reading.

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