Hooking You Up With 3 New Found Footage Horror Movies

Are you a fan of the found footage genre? if so, I have some good news for you – we got 3 new ones, all causing quite a stir in the horror community.

We got some twisted sci-fi in the style of Blair Witch, one that reminds me of a mix of One Cut of the Dead and Man Bite’s Dog and one that flips the found footage genre on its head. All three should definitely be added to your watchlist for 2023


The Outwaters follows two brothers and some friends who plan a camping trip to the Mojave desert. Their trip turns to pure terror as they encounter an otherworldly cosmic phenomenon.

Ok, this one was waiting for me when I woke up today. Not only that, I want to say thanks to Chris as well for making sure that this film was on our radar by posting it on Moviehooker’s FB page.

The reviews for this are insane. For fans of sci-fi who’ve been craving a nasty af alien abduction story, this looks like this will be the one – pure cosmic terror on a level we have never seen before on screen.


Everybody Dies At The End is the only comedy/horror on the list but it still sounds like it could be a hilariously dark and twisted tale. If you’re a fan of flicks like Man Bites Dog or the wonderful Japanese indie horror, One Cut Of The Dead (recently remade in France with Roman Duris starring), then Everybody Dies At The End fits that bill perfectly.

It’s about a legendary horror director who is making one last horror film before retirement. A film crew follows him and documents his every move..even when he can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what is filmmaking anymore.

Probably more along the lines of One Cut of the Dead as it really deals with the stress and disasters that come with making an independent horror movie…but in this one, people actually start dying.


Exhibit #8 has been high up on the watchlist for about a month now. It seems that Exhibit #8 plays with a familiar found footage trope and gives us a unique twist

A Bosian-born woman called Aisha fled Bosnia during the war. She now lives in Rotterdam with her brother. But when her brother vanishes without a trace Aisha and a documentary crew set out to find the truth about his disappearance. They then encounter a separate documentary crew who are making a documentary about the same missing person…only from a more evil point of view.


That’s it for this list. I hope we hope to have hooked you up with some new, found footage gems. As always, thanks for reading


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