Asian Serial Killer Movies

I’m back with another list of awesome films. I have just completed a Top 15 of Asian Supernatural films and moved on to the Best Asian Serial Killer Films.

if you’re a fan of Asian serial killer movies then chances are you will have seen a lot of these. However, I do guarantee you that I will be throwing some unknown gems into the mix. I’ll be updating this article daily with new movies. I hope you enjoy it.


Not only is I Saw The Devil one of the best Asian serial killer movies, but it is also one the best, ever. Anything this man writes is a must-see regardless of genre.

A highly skilled secret service agent goes on a bloody quest for revenge when his wife is killed by a sadistic serial killer.

This is one of the best, non-stop adrenalised pieces of cinematic madness. Just when you think this can’t go any further or get any crazier the viewer is left speechless with their jaw dropped wide open, in shock until the end credits roll.


If you’re looking for great South Korean adaptable content then I would highly recommend checking out some Korean webtoons. The 5ive is another example of this. Yeon-Sik Jung wrote the webtoon and then directed the live-action too.

The story of a woman who was left paralysed and lost her husband and daughter who were both murdered by a serial killer. Obsessed with bloody vengeance but unable to do anything because of her paralysis she enlists the help of 4 random people. Her offer to them is that if they catch the killer and get revenge for her, she will gift them with her organs. An ex-gangster, a politician, an engineer and a North Korean defector agree to help her carry out her revenge.


Another one of my favourite serial killer movies. This one flips the serial killer sub-genre on its head and delivers something truly original and frightening.

An ex-cop turned pimp starts to notice that his girls have been going missing, and all evidence points to a serial killer. The killer is caught but a game of cat and mouse begins when he learns that one of his girls may be still alive.


A serial killer who has been killing women and putting his videos online has been gaining a lot of notoriety. Meanwhile, in Jakarta, Indonesia, a reporter struggling with the backlash of a political article accidentally kills two intruders. Instead of going to the authorities, he begins a game with the Japanese serial killer to see who can kill the most. It is only a matter of time before the two killers meet and face each other.

I am directed by the super-talented Mo Bros.


Co-written and directed by the amazingly talented Bong Joon-ho and starring one of the greatest actors of our time, Song Kang-ho.

Based on a play from 1996 called Come To See Me which was based on the true story of unsolved rapes and murders of women in a rural area of South Korea


From the brilliant, twisted mind of Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Pulse Kairo) Cure is a 1997 serial killer movie with supernatural elements. Random people start to commit murders, each victim has a symbol carved in their body. Afterwards, the murderers have no recollection of the crime that they committed.


From director Sion Sono, Cold Fish is a Japanese shocker that’s based on a true story. After getting caught shoplifting, a teenager is forced to work in the shop she stole from. It does not take long for her to realise that the couple who own the shop are up to something very wrong.

Based on real killers in Japan who owned a pet shop and killed up to 4 people.


Starring the awesome Ma Dong-seok (Train to Busan). The Gangster, the Cop & the Devil follows a gang member who is attacked and left for dead. When he recovers, he finds out that it was a serial killer who tried to kill him. He then puts differences aside and teams up with a cop to help get revenge.

I will be updating this list daily as I announce more. Come join me on my Moviehooker socials. As always, thanks for reading.


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