New South Korean TV Shows That You’ll Want To Know About Part 1

We are back with another list. This time focusing on new(ish) South Korean tv shows!

I have only seen a few of these..but trust me, the ones I haven’t seen are going to be so good. Netflix has been killing lately with South Korean content, both with movies and tv series. So, for the ones not that ain’t on Netflix, I am sure we will at least see some of them arrive shortly


Mouse is a sci-fi crime drama with a truly original concept. The series is about a team that discovered that they can identify a psychopath before he/she is born. They have found a way to scan the mother’s womb to differentiate who is going to be the next Asian Ted Bundy!.

The reviews have been so damn good for Mouse and it is currently sitting with an 8.8 score on IMDb.


Taxi Driver…obviously not to be confused with Song Kang-ho’s movie of the same name is based on a hugely popular web-toon.

A taxi driver prowls the streets of South Korea picking up passengers that have a score to settle. Instead of driving you to your destination, this taxi driver will seek revenge on your behalf…for the right price!

I have to say, I started watching K-Dramas because I am so in love with this genre of cinema. I thought, well, if there are movies out there about serial killers and crime, then I bet you that there are also some tv shows. To me, it’s like watching a huge movie. At the end of it, I am still left wanting more.


South Korean TV Shows

Another amazingly original concept for this new K Drama. This new horror series is about a sinkhole that appears with a strange mist/smoke coming from. Humans are changed into mutants when they breathe in the poisonous sinkhole smoke and a battle between humans and mutants ignites.

Although Dark Hole sounds like it’s something we would really like, the reviews are just so-so. It still sounds like an original plot, so I will be giving it a chance when the opportunity arrives.

As the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

The next few I am going to be mentioning are all available to stream on Netflix


South Korean TV Shows

I just posted the Moviehooker review for Beyond Evil. I don’t think I have ever been as affected by a crime series as I was with Beyond Evil. It just was mesmerising, and so packed full of whodunit?! twists.

Beyond Evil isn’t very graphic but the writing, the acting and the music were fantastic.

The series is about two cops on the hunt for a serial killer who may have been killing for decades. An old cold case is reopened when the fingerless corpse of a female is found in a reed field in a small rural town.

If you’re familiar with the South Korean greats, Memories of Murder and Memoir Of A Murderer, you’ll get an idea of what to expect. Yes, I know that both films are considered classics, but trust me1, Beyond Evil is good!


South Korean TV Shows

Move To Heaven is a beautiful series. I don’t think there is any other way to describe it. The series follows a trauma cleaning company that is run by a father and son. The son has Asberger’s and every single step or breath he takes is all routine. But when his father dies suddenly, his life is thrown into chaotic confusion. He is then put into the care of his uncle, who is a bit of a gangster.

The series is about the relationship between the two and how the uncle adapts to now being a full-time carer and working for a trauma cleaning company.


South Korean TV Shows

This K-drama crime series is very much like the brilliant Taiwanese series The Victims’ Game. A dark procedural crime drama that deals with every aspect of solving a case; the investigators, forensics, prosecutors etc. It has a little bit of everything.

Now, here is one problem I have found for Partners For Justice and to be honest it was nearly enough to put me off the series. It is rated 18s, so we are expecting some graphic gore. Yup, that is correct, we do get the gore but…for whatever reason they have decided to blur out all the graphic detail Why Netflix?. I have no fucking idea why they would do that because the series is for adults, it is rated 18s. It truly puts a dampener on what is a great crime drama.

The series is so good though so I have had no choice but to continue watching it even though I scream at the skies every time I see them blur out all the goodness!.


South Korean TV Shows

This recently just finished its weekly episode instalments on Netflix. I wasn’t sure about this series because it was rated 12s. Then recently, Netflix changed that rating to 15s. When I stuck on the first episode, within the first 5-minutes, I was like “well, this is K Drama is most definitely not for 12-year-olds”.

The series follows Vincenzo, a Korean-Italian lawyer who works for the mafia. After a dangerous encounter with the Italian mafia, he flees back to Korea to let things settle.

In Korea, he rents an apartment in an old building that is full of quirky and funny characters. Vincenzo must then fight the corrupt owners of the building as well as waiting for the Italian mafia to come to Korea and put a bullet between his eyes.


South Korean TV Shows

The employees of a popular noodle bar serve noodles by day, but, these noodle store employees have a very different job when this store closes. They all have special abilities and they use them to hunt down and kill malevolent spirits that prey on humans.

Great characters, great action, sometimes a bit creepy with some slapstick humour thrown in. The Uncanny Counter is a breath of fresh air and another unique entry into the South Korean sub-genre.

Anyways, folks, that’s it for part 1. I still have so much to share with you all so check back soon for more new South Korean TV shows!. As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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