Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes: One-Take Japanese Sci-Fi

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes. A low-budget, one-take Japanese sci-fi comedy that has taken the film festival circuit by storm.

A clever, yet very unique and inventive plot about a cafe owner who lives above his work premises. Somehow, and I don’t wanna spoil this for myself either, he finds a version of himself on his computer screen when he arrives home after work. The thing is, this Kato on the screen is claiming to be from the future – two minutes in the future. This plot alone has me very excited to watch this. Every so often, someone’s creativity proves you don’t need huge cash to make movies. Not only does this sound like a fun watch but also an inspiration to up and coming filmmakers.

I love when a film like this comes along. As a huge fan of both Asian cinema and indie cinema, this looks to be ticking all the boxes.

Check out the official press release below

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes had its world premiere at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, beginning a global tour of critical and audience acclaim. The film has taken home several awards to date including White Raven and the Critics Award at BIFFF, Best Director and the Audience Award for Best Feature at Fantaspoa, the NETPAC Award at BIFAN, the Golden Bat for Best Film at Fantafestival and the Nippon Visions Audience Award for Best Director at the Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival. The film most recently took home a Jury Award for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking and the Gold Audience Award for Best Asian Film at Fantasia.


Kato is a middle-aged shop owner in Kyoto, Japan who lives above his cafe. One evening, after closing up the cafe, Kato is in his room when suddenly he appears on his own computer screen. The Kato on the screen is using the computer from downstairs in the cafe and claims to be from two minutes in the future. Kato is understandably confused and sceptical, but things get really strange when he goes down to the cafe computer, sees himself sitting back in his room, and begins to deliver the same message he heard two minutes before. It’s not long before Kato’s friends discover the phenomenon – which they dub “Time TV” – and devise a plan to go beyond the infinite two minutes.

Here is what others have been saying about Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

“what Yamaguchi has created here is pure magic” — Daily Dead
“one of the most clever time travel movies in years” —
“takes a simple premise and turns it into one of the most enjoyable features you will see this year” — Cinema Axis
“elevates well above its micro means as a thought-provoking science fiction mystery without a single bell or whistle” — WhatToWatch

So, watch this space for our review of Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes. As always, thanks for reading.

If you like the sound of this already without reading the Moviehooker review – you can pre-order it below

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All above information is from the official press release

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