New Films arriving on Netflix You Will Want To Know About!

We are back with another list and focusing on some new movies that will be arriving on Netflix in January and February. These are just my top picks so far. A new list with some upcoming Netflix series will follow in a couple of days. We hope you enjoy it.

We have some deadpan comedy, some Jean Perrier Jaunet sci-fi, some Spanish horror and an investigative crime film. I am gonna keep these New Netflix Film lists small because we have so much great content coming. I will try and do one every month for our tops picks in that month and the month coming. Let’s get to it.


From Jean-Perrier Jaunet, the director of Amelie, The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen comes a new sci-fi comedy. The film focuses on the members of a household who are trapped inside by their home-help androids because robots have now gone rogue and are out for blood.

As expected, this looks so weird, oddly dark yet colourful af with a sinister undertone. Big Bug is Jaunet’s 8th feature film. It will arrive on Netflix on February 11th


The Wasteland aka The Beast is the directorial and writing debut from David Casademunt. We posted the trailer a few days ago on our socials and it looks great. The story is about a recluse mother and child who must battle a terrifying creature forcing them to rely on each other even more than before.

The trailer looked really good. It has been a while since we’ve seen a good creature feature so we’re looking forward to this one.


This Is Not A Comedy looks like to be one for fans of deadpan humour. I may be wrong but that’s the vibe I am getting. The film focuses on a 40-year old who makes a pact with his best friend to have a child because time is against them. We follow him through his failures as he tries to become a better person and get ready for the arrival of their child.

This new film lands on Netflix, January 14th


A girl loses her scholarship to college after horrible footage of her surfaces online from a recent party. She teams up with a photocopy worker and the pair try to figure out what happened, and more importantly, who’s to blame.

Photocopier hits Netflix on January 13th. It is an Indonesian film and directed and co-written by Wregas Bhanuteja

That’s it for this list. We hope you’ve been hooked up with some new films. We know that we have!. As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG 

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