The Crow Remake 2024: Everything You Need To Know

The Crow Remake News Moviehooker

It was just announced that we will finally see the remake of The Crow arrive on June 7th I guess we can say that the Crow has been in development Hell for many years. It was almost like it was some sort of cursed film that could never hold a director or star. But, now, … Read more

Boy Kills World: Bill Skarsgard Becomes A Killing Machine In New Trailer

Boy Kills World news Moviehooker

Bill Skarsgard shows us just what he is capable of in the new ass-kicking trailer for extreme actioner BOY KILLS WORLD Boy Kills World follows a deaf-mute guy named, Boy. When his parents are brutally murdered, Boy, sets out on a mission of murderous revenge. But first, Boy must travel to a remote jungle and … Read more

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