Primitive War: Proper Dinosaur Horror In The Works

Primitive War info Moviehooker

It seems that my movie prayers have been answered – The new announcement of Primitive War has promised us pure dino horror! I have always said that I would love some all-out DinosaurĀ horrorĀ and it looks like we’re going to be getting exactly just that with Primitive War. I sound like a broken record talking about … Read more

All Quiet On The Western Front Review: A Brutal Reminder of the Horrors of War

All Quiet On The Western Front Review Moviehooker

Netflix recently released the remake of the classic war movie All Quiet On The Western Front and, boy, what a tense and brutal viewing this was. A group of enthusiastic young men, no more than 17 years old signed up to fight in the war during World War 1. Excited and passionate to defend their … Read more

New Trailer & Info On IFC’s THE PAINTED BIRD


When reading about a film like The Painted Bird, one thing is always certain: movies on this topic are always bleak, and a damn harrowing watch. And there is nothing scarier or more horrifying than realising that the most brutal and barbaric beings on this planet are…well, us! FROM THE OFFICIAL PRESS-RELEASE (there is an … Read more

Mel Gibson’s HACKSAW RIDGE Looks Mind-Blowing

There is no denying that Mel Gibson is a master of the art of filmmaking I found out about Mel Gibson’s new war movie Hacksaw Ridge when it received a 10-minute standing ovation at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Hacksaw Ridge is the story of one exceptional human being – a man who was granted … Read more

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