Primitive War: Proper Dinosaur Horror In The Works

It seems that my movie prayers have been answered – The new announcement of Primitive War has promised us pure dino horror!

I have always said that I would love some all-out Dinosaur horror and it looks like we’re going to be getting exactly just that with Primitive War. I sound like a broken record talking about the possibilities of brilliant horror dinosaur but everyone was too afraid to make the adult movies because…yeah, you guessed it! children love dinosaurs and there’s far too much money to made with watered-down children’s films. Now, this is about to change with Primitive War! Check out the info below.

Primitive War is based on two books by Ethan Peetus: Primitive War: Undertow and Primitive War: Animus Infernal. Check out the official synopsis below and get a small taste of what to expect from the new horror movie.

Primitive War – Official Plot 

A search and rescue team known as Vulture Squad is sent to an isolated jungle valley to uncover the fate of a missing Green Beret platoon. As they hunt through the primordial depths of the valley, they discover ancient horrors that not only threaten to unravel their minds but to end their lives as well. When the casualties mount, the men of Vulture Squad must abandon their human nature and give in to their savage instincts to survive…the Primitive War. DISCLAIMER – This novel is set in the Vietnam War, and as such, it isn’t suitable for children. There is graphic violence, adult language, drug use, and many references to war-borne tragedy.

Google Books 

According to Deadline, the new movie will be written and directed by Luke Sparkle (Bring Him To Me, Occupation). Tricia Helfer (Lucifer), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Nick Wechsler (The Boys) and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)

From the director, via Deadline

“I was captivated by the imagery surrounding Ethan’s book and the story it told. I’ve worked hard on capturing that essence but also the grittiness, horror aspects and military edge. My vision is to feel like the characters have walked out of the film Platoon and into the jaws of the greatest predators the planet has ever known.”

Ok, folks, you know we will be following the Primitive War every step of the way! so, keep checking back to Moviehooker for updates on this new awesome adult dino horror!

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