I recently posted a list of French language zombie films on the Moviehooker socials so I thought I would go into more detail with a new article. I hope you enjoy it. 

One thing that always gets overlooked when it comes to French horror is the great French zombie films. Below is the list featuring all of the ones I know about (there could be more but I am not aware of them).


To this day, La Horde still sits proudly as not only a great French zombie film but as one of the finest zombie movies in existence. I often still wonder how this gore-filled film received a 15 certification from the BBFC. It is pretty hardcore, in all the right ways.

An awesome combination that blends multiple genres resulting in an adrenaline-fueled, explosive blood-soakedmasterpiece. 

A group of cops raid a high-rise apartment complex which has been taken over by the city’s worst drug dealers. But when they arrive, they are quickly trapped inside with hordes of undead making their way into the building. Before we know it, the cops and criminals must put their differences aside and join forces if they are to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Goal Of The Dead sat way too long on my watchlist. I’m not a big fan of sports movies so I didn’t think I would enjoy this. Oh boy, how I was wrong. 

Very self-explanatory, Goal of The Dead tells the story of a French football team who are on their way to play their rivals in a match. But, when they arrive they notice that the rival fans have been turned into flesh-eating maniacs. There’s only one thing worse than a football hooligan…an undead football hooligan.


Ravenous is a French/Canadian zombie flick that you can chew out on Netflix (pretty sure all regions too).

Set in a small rural town in Quebec, it follows a group of survivors from a small neighbourhood who must band together to survive a zombie apocalypse.

We’ve so many zombie films out there that the place is oversaturated with them. Even though Ravenous sounds like a million other zombie films, trust me, the one is one of the greats. Please go check it out – and rate it!


Mutants is a superb zombie film but I know this one won’t be for everyone. The film deals with a couple who have to take refuge in an abandoned medical facility in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Hiding away from the outside world, one of them is then infected with bad blood and the film deals with his transformation and how we have no other choice but to watch this and lose his humanity and eventually succumb to the disease and become one of the walking dead.


The Night Eats The World shares a lot of similarities to the awesome South Korean zombie film Alive ( available to all on Netflix). It is pretty much the same film but they are as equally as enjoyable 

A man wakes up after a party in an apartment in Paris only to find that the population has turned into zombies. Running low on supplies, he must figure out how to navigate the zombie-infested rooftops and streets if he is to survive. 

Okay, that is it for this list of French language zombie films. I hope there was one or two you haven’t checked out and added you’ve added them to your watchlist.

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