New Zombie Films Coming In 2024

I am back with a new list. This time I am focusing on upcoming zombie movies we shall see released throughout the year.

This new list focuses on new zombie films that we shall see released throughout the year. It is good to report that a lot of these are stepping outside the usual zombie tropes zone and sound very unique and interesting. Fingers crossed they’re as good as they sound. Let’s get to it.


In A Violent Nature recently premiered at this year’s Sundance International Film Festival. It has already been gaining great publicity due to the film’s Violent Nature. Starring Ry Barrett as a ravenous zombie -the film follows a single zombie as he makes his way through a secluded forest killing everything that gets in its way, with any weaponry that he can find.

Don’t be expecting your typical bumbling maggot-brained zombie. This guy is cunning and smart. In A Violent Nature should probably be viewed as more of a slasher movie than a zombie film.


Handling The Undead has been getting a lot of love on Moviehooker Why? because this (also, a Sundance Select) is a new horror based on a book by the author of Let The Right One In. Again, this is not your traditional zombie film. If you are familiar with The Revenants (aka The Returned) or the Australian series Glitch then you wouldn’t be too far wrong with the type of zombie in Handling The Undead.

However, I have no idea if this one explodes into a proper zombie apocalypse. Judging from the trailer, there seems to be much more going on. So, folks, we will just have to wait and see.


Crawlers looks to be some straight-up traditional zombie mayhem. Set shortly after a zombie virus decimates the US, the film deals with a zombie apocalypse on a biblical scale. Some remaining survivors must battle their way through hordes of the undead to try and make it to a zombie-free resort in Mexico. With the zombie virus rapidly spreading and infecting others, will the resort still be standing if they even make it to Mexico?


Plaguepits sounds interesting. It is giving me Tomb of the Blind Dead vibes. This one ain’t your traditional zombie movie. It looks unique and sounds like a lot of fun. This one follows medieval mummy-like zombies that have risen from their tombs. Their preferred method of killing is using medieval torture devices to inflict as much pain as possible.

Directed by Peter Thorndike – Plaguepits: The Totrue Dead also uses Hellrasier’s IV and Return of The Living Dead Part 3 cinematographer Gerry Lively. The addition of Gerry Lively will most certainly bring that 80s homage that they are so obviously going for.


Festival of the Living Dead is directed by the awesome Soska Sisters (American Mary, Rabid, Dead Hooker In A Trunk, On the Edge). If that ain’t good enough news for you, then how about this: it is also a direct sequel to George A Romero’s Zomdaddy classic Night Of The Living Dead. Have I got your interest now? thought so.

The film deals with a festival that is being held to commemorate the anniversary of the first-ever person to be bitten by a zombie (I am guessing that will be in 1968). Of course, in true Romero fashion, a new outbreak is about to ravage its way through the festival goers turning them all into flesh-eating hordes of the undead.

That’s it for this list of New zombie films coming in 2024. I hope you enjoyed it and have added some new zombilicious films to your watchlist. As always, thanks for reading.

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