Upcoming Slashers Movies 2024

I am back with a new list of upcoming slashers that have been recently released or arriving throughout the year. 

This wouldn’t be my favourite of the horror genre but I know a lot of my readers love a good ole slasher flick so I must hook you up with all the upcoming slashers I can find. Will all of them be any good? You will have to watch and see. Let’s get to it


I know that Bloodline Killer will be of a lot of interest to folks. It stars Shawnee Smith from the Saw franchise. The film deals with a woman who is trying to rebuild her life after the brutal murder of her parents by her psychotic killer cousin.

Bloodline Killer is directed by Ante Novakovik (Sanctioning Evil) and is written by Anthony and James Gaudioso (The Ghost and the Whale). Arrives April 26th, 2024


Mister Sleep has an awesome-looking poster but will it be any good? A group of insomniacs are targeted by a killer known as Mr Sleep who is getting revenge on the group because he believes that they stole his memories.

This one sounds like a cool concept. I am up for insomniacs getting picked off one by one by a killer who thinks his memories have been stolen! Coming Soon – Releases April 2, 2024.


In A Violent Nature has been getting a lot of great reviews during its run on the festival circuit. May critics are stating that we have a new masked killer that would give the likes of Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees and run for their money when it comes to getting up close, personal and downright nasty with his victims. Oh, did I mention our new killer is a ravaging, decomposing zombie? not only that, but this movie is shot from the killer’s POV something I don’t we have seen done properly since the Maniac remake with Elijah Wood.


A Stranger In The Woods is giving me Creep vibes…and that is far from a bad thing. A documentary film student finds the perfect man to make his school documentary about a man who has been living off the grid in the woods, hiding from the modern world for many, many years. Now, the student starts to sense something isn’t right with this one seemingly nice old man – and he starts to learn the dark, violent secrets of why this man has been hidden from society.


Don’t Make A Sound sounds like a million slashers out there but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. A pair of sisters find themselves being hunted in the woods by a masked killer who films his victims after their car breaks down 


Starring some of the horror’s biggest names including, Dee Wallace (The Howling), Danielle Harris (Victor Crowley), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Tony Todd (Candyman) and David Howard Thornton (Art from the Teriffier movies). 

A family who found themselves drifting apart try and recreate an old vacation with new memories. When they book into their hotel, their dream vacation quickly descends into a bloody nightmare when a pair of killers go through the hotel’s hallways, butchering everyone who gets in their path.


Art the Clown has rightfully claimed his place as the sickest new killer to come out of horror in years. Damien Leone’s 3rd Terrifier movie has been confirmed to be a Christmas slasher. The plot is still being kept under wraps but these movies ain’t about the plot, right? Leone is pushing the cinematic violence with this franchise. 

I think Art is a great movie villain – his mime approach is just creepy as hell and while I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the movies, I can honestly say I’ll support and promote them every step of the way. Not many people can pull off this level of depraved nastiness and on such an impressive budget too. I have said before Art is the New Age of Old School Horror.


The production of The Night Of The Harvest faced some complications which resulted in the movie having to be postponed. In September 2023 the film finally got to go into production and is expected to release later this year.

The story of a group of friends who spend their time geocaching and find themselves trapped in a large cornfield and being pursued by a masked woman in white.

That is it for this list of upcoming slasher movies. I hope I have hooking you up with some blood-soaked future viewing.

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