Happiness: New South Korean viral outbreak series reinvents the genre…again!

Get ready for your new South Korean k-drama obsession, a new series called Happiness that shows us a new way of rabid infection

Wow. it seems that everywhere we look, we are surrounded by zombies. Usually, I would think that’s an awesome thing but there’s just too many shows that are exactly the same…or a lesser version of its predecessor. For example, The Walking Dead gave birth to Fear The Walking Dead and what seemed like a cool idea of showing us the beginning of infection quickly fell into the same soap operatic style bs that now dominates The Walking Dead. And, of course, then we got Beyond The Walking Dead. Again the same shit, soap opera storylines…only this time it’s mainly teenagers. No thank you. I could go on with Black Summer, Z Nation or the horrifically bad Day Of The Dead SyFy series…but you get the point.

So, in these zombie-infested waters we all sail, it seems that the originality of the sub-genre is done for, right?.

That’s a big no as South Korea has been proving now for years that they don’t have to follow the same rules and the result is refreshing AF. Look at the Netflix series, Kingdom & Kingdom: Ashin of The North, also, Rampant, The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale, The Zombie Detective and now Happiness. All the above-mentioned breathe a new breath of life into the undead.

New Netflix zombie series hitting coming in 2022

Happiness is set at a time where viruses are rampant and the everyday norm in South Korea.

There was a great scene in the first episode where someone goes to shake a hand and is looked at as if he/she just murdered someone “we don’t do that anymore”. A new outbreak of an unknown deadly virus causes the infected to act like rabid animals attacking the living, sucking their blood. But afterwards, the infected return to their human form. They have no idea they have just attacked or killed someone. When back in their human form they must now wear Hannibal Lecter cannibal masks to prevent any future attacks. We then enter into Rec territory. A new apartment complex is sealed off from the public leaving the residents to fend for themselves against this new deadly virus. As the virus rapidly spreads, so does paranoia and fear. Trust No One.

Another series I am certain everyone will be hearing about really soon. We were one of the first outlets to post about Squid Game and Hellbound. I have a strong feeling Happiness will be leaving its mark too.

Stay tuned for release date info. Happiness is currently airing in South Korea. We may be waiting a while to see it on Netflix or a streaming platform. As soon as I know, you guys and gals will.

As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG


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