The best European movies streaming on Netflix Part 1

Netflix has some amazing European thrillers. As always, I have been lost in a deep and dark Netflix binge to bring you the best European Films On Netflix (UK/Ireland).

While this list is for Netflix UK/Ireland, a lot of these European films are Netflix originals and will be available to stream worldwide. As always, we hope you enjoy them. Let’s get to it!


Shorta tells the story of two patrol cops in the Denmark suburbs. After an altercation, the two cops find themselves trapped in Arabic gangland territory.

Slow-burn but hugely enjoyable. Shorta would remind you of La Haine mixed with the Jake Gyllenhaal cop thriller, End Of Watch. Great acting all around, fantastic directing that really puts you in there with the danger.


The Fury of a Patient Man has been featured before in a Moviehooker list. Just like the title, it demands your patience.

Ana’s life is a struggle, she tries her hardest, works all the hours she can get but still is unable to make ends meet. Ana then meets Jose who has started coming to her workplace on a regular basis, and the two of them get to know each other. But Jose has his own intentions, his being there is no mistake. He is waiting for Ana’s boyfriend to be released from prison to get revenge for the crime he is serving time for.

This was a beautiful film. Another slow burn, but this gets pretty violent which was completely unexpected. I just found out there’s a remake on the way.


Starring one of my favourite actors, Luis Tosar. Ever since the magnificent Sleep Tight, I have rarely come across as such an evil antagonist. So, those who enjoyed Tosar in such a disturbing role are in for a treat with An Eye For An Eye

When the leader of a drug gang is brought into a nursing home, he has no idea that the nurse caring for him is there to get revenge.

A great psychological revenge thriller with Tosar once again throwing fear into the hearts of the viewer. There’s more to the plot than I just mentioned but it’s best to keep the details to a minimum for maximum effect.

Directed by Paco Plaza who is best known as co-writer and co-director of Rec 1 & Rec 2.


The Trip was one of the best surprises on Netflix from 2021. A black as the night comedy about a couple who don’t love each other anymore. Actually, the plan of a weekend trip away isn’t to try and salvage what’s left of their marriage but each has their own plans to murder one another…not knowing they both have the exact same idea. But what seems like a perfect murder plan just proves to be an absolute disaster as the couple face a threat way more dangerous than themselves.

Funny, violent and offbeat. A film by Tommy Wirkola, writer & director of Nazi zombie classic Dead Snow


From Álex de la Iglesia, the director of the great Witching & Bitching! The Bar is a minimalistic horror-comedy about a group of people all trapped inside a small Spanish during a state emergency. After two mysterious deaths are recorded by the media, the customers find themselves trapped with each other, not knowing who or what to trust. As the unknown emergency spreads fear across Spain, our once happy customers start to turn on one another!

A damn fine indie horror film and of course being from Álex de la Iglesia, there are some great moments of horror and comedy.


Co-starring one of my favourite French actors, Roman Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped). In The Shadow Of Iris is a multi-layered thriller about kidnapping, murder and kinky fetishes.

When the wife of a wealthy banker is kidnapped and held for ransom a chaotic chain of unexpected events unfolds throwing the kidnapper and victim into a dark seedy world of sex, drugs and murder.

As expected, Duris holds the flame playing such a desperate character drawn into this web of sex, murder and mind f*ckery.


After being thrown out of the final year of his law degree in college for plagiarism, Thomas manages to get a job with a political party as a social media manipulator. He spends all day at his new job lying, creating fake social media posts, spreading poisonous lies about rival politicians. Tomas’ obsession takes a dangerous turn when he meets an online extremist that can be manipulated to do whatever Tomas asks…even if lives are at risk

A really good political thriller. It also sheds a light on how easy we are all manipulated on a day-to-day basis with memes and social media.

As Bill Hicks once said “don’t just teach your kids to read, teach them to question what they read, teach them to question everything”


The next two flicks I will be talking about are both French, and both are set in the beautiful, yet drug-infested streets of Marseille. Forget about Paris, Marseille has been home to some of the best drug movies out there.

The 1971 Gene Hackman classic, The French Connection showed us the impact the drugs were having on America. Yup, those drugs were all shipped from Marseille. True story. Then, we had The Connection, a great French film that told the story of how the drugs made it out of France and into the U.S.

The Stronghold is set in the present-day and deals with the cops assigned to rid the streets of drugs. Of course, in order to catch the criminals, the cops have to bend the rules which blur the line between lawful and lawless.


Based on true events, Rogue City is a slick action-packed thriller. Again, set against the backdrop of the drug-ridden streets of Marseille, 4-cops are caught in a serious drug war and are being pushed to show results because the force is now under the superior command of a new director (Jean Reno).

Another Frech drug flick that makes it hard to tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. At times, it can get a little confusing although the ending wrapped it up quite well, leaving it possibly open for a sequel.


A young man arrives back home in his hometown in the French Alpines after being missing for 8-years. Not long after his arrival, the people around him start to question if he really is the same kid that went missing all those years ago.

This would remind you of the f*cked up real-life documentary The Imposter. or The Chameleon, the film that was inspired by the events of The Imposter.

The Next Skin can suffer from being a bit dragged out, however, it is still a great watch full of great performances.


Inspired by true events, Get In is a home invasion film with a twist. A rare occasion where the homeowners become the home invaders.

Based on a true story, it focuses on a family who returns from holidays to find their gates locked and squatters taking advantage of a legal loophole and have taken up residence in their home.

Not as crazy as some of the great extreme French flicks, but Get In certainly escalates into madness in the final act.


It has been a while since I have seen a really funny French film so I am delighted to be adding this to the list.
Two low-life dealers make their living by robbing their customers with shitty, poisonous products. When one of the guys’ sisters marries a wealthy businessman and part-time drug lord, they take 10 kilos of weed and get themselves into a shit load of debt..and trouble.

Really well acted and two characters that Cheech and Chong would be proud of. Check this out if you’re up for an absurdly funny drug comedy. Best viewed with a bag of pre-rolls!


Starring Berlin  (Pedro Alonso) from Money Heist. The Silence of the Marsh is a dark serial killer flick that treads familiar territory. The film focuses on a crime novelist who starts to blur the lines between crime and fiction to get his next novel written

Based on a novel of the same name by Juanjo Braulio.


Je Suis Karl deals with a terrorist attack where Maxi loses her mother and twin brothers in an explosion. Angry, lost and wanting some sort of escape, she reluctantly joins a rising movement full of young adults that have had enough of the system. It ain’t long before she realises that the group that she is now a part of may be responsible for the terrorist attack that killed her family.

A cross production between Germany and France.

That’s it for Part 1 of the Best European Films On Netflix. Part 2 will be here within the next week. As always, thanks for reading.

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